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One is the stubborn disposition of the characters to spout elaborate talk.
The raised spout helps keep paint from drying on the inside of the lid.
Or, pick up a few textbooks on basic economics and learn a few things before you spout blind support for someone.
Two arguments spout up from this demonstration of earthly power.
Enjoying a quiet afternoon aboard our boat when this water spout dropped out of the clouds.
Essentially, it's a high-tech pour spout that keeps track of every drink poured.
It is made of polyethylene, which is easy to clean, and it has a lip with a no-drip pouring spout.
As a result, when a once-great company hits a sticky patch, it may spout refugee talent.
The small spout makes it easier to fill water bottles, and a vent provides great airflow for easy pouring.
We happened to have plastic cups standing by, and they slipped under the spout of the press awfully easily.
It makes only double doses, but a forked spout can split the portion.
Before restoring the water supply, unscrew and remove the aerator from the spout.
Sucking fast drags a thin spout of water up through the oil from below.
Then t ouch the spout to the surface of the simmering water in the frying pan and slip the egg in.
Yet they consistently spout predictions, somehow confident in their authority as futurists.
The narrow swan-neck spout naturally delivers a thin, steady stream.
He only wanted to use the occasion to spout his misguided message.
And add: the supreme irresponsibility of people who spout them.
Other fixtures, called dual-valve faucets, have two valves that allow water to flow through a common spout.
If she does, she may or may not spout off about them to other people.
If you are storing paint, look for a pour spout lid.
Liquid should freely flow from the spout without dripping.
Some will spout genealogies and may even drag out old sepia photographs.
They were trained to set aside their feelings, groomed to spout clipped, noncommittal responses in public.
Then maybe you can become angry with all of the regional powers that will spout.
Strain mixture through a fine-mesh sieve into a cup or bowl with pouring spout.
And grand-standing politicians should be expect to be needled when they spout nonsense.
It amazes me that people spout junk without doing basic research or fact checking to see if what they say is in fact true.
Jet engines power planes by expelling air, much as a full balloon shoots away when its spout is opened.
The spout of pot should be covered or stuffed with soft paper to prevent escape of fragrant aroma.
At the mouth of the hollow they had built a curious entrance of their own, in the shape of a spout of wax about a foot long.
How the long streams of fire spout from the guns, how the rifled shells hiss, how the smoke deepens and rolls.
Their mouths were mere swollen, pus-covered wounds, which they could not bear to stretch enough to admit the spout of the teapot.
His ardent backers spout not ideology, but faith in his goodness.
Transfer the batter to a pitcher or measuring cup with a spout to make for easy pouring.
If people wanted to argue about poetry or spout poems, that was fine with her.
It is called a drip catcher attach it to the top of the teapot and across the spout and handle and you will not drip.
It obvious you and your ilk will continue to spout off misinformation, in the name of your failed ideology.
They hear someone else who doesn't know spout off about something, and they repeat the same line.
The juices are then poured out through the long spout located low on the measure.
The thrill of seeing a spout, or better yet, a breaching whale as it prepares to dive makes a fun adventure.
Most tent sites also include a water spout and picnic table for meals.
Take your binoculars and look out for a spout of ocean spray and listen for a whale clearing his blowhole.
Those who dare to open their blabbermouths and spout an opinion are going to get called on the carpet.
Many visitors never see the fine prospect of the lake and its iconic water spout, because they cannot get hotel rooms in town.
Our hosts have generously allowed us to spout off, often drifting off-topic for days at a time, here on their platform.
We tolerate, as a society, by granting everyone the ability to spout whatever inanities they want.
Having repulsive-looking humanoids spout random inanities is not funny, never has been funny and never will be funny.
The closure is opened by using a fingernail or some other device to lift the spout out of the groove and then lift the spout up.
The gasoline container should not be used until a replacement spout delivery system is installed on the container.
Boiling water can be expelled from the kettle's spout, presenting a burn hazard to consumers.
To test, operate the nozzle and submerge the spout tip in fuel until the fuel level covers the vent hole.

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