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Most ancient peat forests die gradually, leaving only spotty evidence of what grew there.
While praising good intentions, environmentalists fault the government for spotty management and enforcement of regulations.
Wifi can be a little tricky and spotty, but it's free and you can work it out with a little patience.
But those systems tend to be woefully spotty in their ability to store and recall information.
The data on unemployment were too spotty to be comparable and so this important factor is discounted too.
The results were spotty, with one of the devices unable to detect the presence of digital television signals reliably.
The penalty is too severe, enforcement gets spotty, sentences are brief.
With news being as spotty as it is, that's inevitable.
Previous models had relied on spotty information about people's movements, collected in sporadic surveys.
The voice recognition is spotty in quite office environment.
Deliveries have been spotty, prompting a lot of complaints from consumers.
Perch fishing was spotty with a lot of sorting to do.
He speaks conservatism as a second language, and his mastery of the basic grammar of politics is often spotty as well.
The only problem you're likely to encounter is availability, as distribution can be spotty in some parts of this country.
Because of this spotty attendance record, the company said, he was let go the next day.
The intensity of his situation was palpable, even over the spotty, time-delayed connection.
The erratic temperature swings from hot to cold and high winds during bloom left many trees with a spotty set.

Famous quotes containing the word spotty

Strung out and spotty, you wriggle and sigh and kiss all the fellows and make them all die.... more
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