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Example sentences for spotted

He spotted fossils but didn't pay much attention to them.
Citizen scientists have spotted two blips in the data that are almost certainly planets.
The debris was spotted too late for the space station to dodge it.
All five mutations have been spotted individually--although not together--in wild viruses.
After one more cautious step, she spotted her quarry: a cluster of platter-size bubbles frozen into the ice.
Meanwhile, when cats are spotted in the wild, they are shot.
It now appeared somewhat spotted and injured by the duck shot.
Weeds grow up from the drive and the windows are spotted from rain.
After a while, he spotted a gift bag on the coffee table nearby.
Then someone spotted smoke billowing from a third-floor window.
If you've spotted the flaw in this argument, you're not alone.
When the parts are combined, the combination can sometimes be spotted by variations in the lighting conditions within the image.
Wear light-colored clothes so that ticks can be spotted easily.
At a polo match she was spotted with a two-way radio in case she required backup.
Many were spotted red from shotgun blasts fired by wranglers in planes.
They were spotted on a quad leaving her family's house near dawn.
But some religious folk spotted a chance to sneak in more traditional teaching.
He spotted that local coins had a face value less than the value of the silver from which they were made.
Some of these problems had been forecast at the design stage or spotted during construction.
Once he stole some returnable bottles, but a brothel-keeper spotted him and set him straight.
Opposition politicians were spotted in the crowd yesterday, but none was allowed to speak.
The capital markets seem to have spotted this reshaping of world aviation.
Companies used to concentrate on the more easily spotted risks, such as financial ones.
In some areas, bobcats are still trapped for their soft, spotted fur.
Shortly before midnight, a sailor on lookout spotted something in the darkness.
Scientists searching through fifteen years of fishing logbooks have spotted a precipitous drop in shark populations.
It wasn't long before the island's inhabitants spotted the ships.
As the seal rises, the fish above it are backlit by the ice above and easily spotted in silhouette.
And yet another astronomer announced that he had spotted the smallest planet ever detected outside our solar system.
Named after their spotted coats and fearsome jaws, leopard seals have large, reptilian heads and streamlined bodies.
Regardless, females prefer elaborate, heavily spotted trains.
The banding on the planet can be spotted more easily in this image as well.
Ammonia spotted in the jets could act as antifreeze in under-ice oceans.
Using infrared means that removed tattoos, or even tattoos that have been altered, can be spotted in the deeper layers of skin.
If you've spotted the flaw in this argument, you're not alone.
One morning, another soldier spotted some boar tracks in the snow.
Spotted knapweed typically forms a basal rosette of leaves in its first year and flowers in subsequent years.
Spotted owls, barred owls, and late-successional reserves.

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