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Tuck in baked chips and a sports bottle with pomegranate juice.
It sports peachy yellow new leaves that shift to lime yellow in summer.
Usually working in sports shops or restaurants, these musicians live to ski or board by day and jam by night.
But white athletes in the highest-profile sports are struggling, according to the report.
The challenges facing college sports are many and various.
It was a tempestuous year off the field for college sports.
Then there are the physical demands of the sports: surfing is exhausting and occasionally life-threatening.
Framing also raises philosophical questions about what fans want out of sports.
In the race to catch drug cheats, sports officials are turning to more sophisticated tests.
Torn tendons, muscles and ligaments plague athletes in many types of sports.
If you've been buying sports gels to keep you going during your workout, you might want to try honey instead.
It also makes clear that individuals vary as do the demands their individual sports place upon them.
Sports authorities fear that a new form of doping will be undetectable and thus much less preventable.
Similar to how other sports practice my book is about scrimmaging.
Others improved enough to go into mainstream sports such as netball and soccer.
Favorite sports were football, baseball, and basketball.
Also, it's known amongst sports doctors that running on a treadmill is a good source of running injury.
He is also working on skin devices that monitor temperature, pulse rate and blood oxygenation in sports or military applications.
Peek could soak up material in any subject and became an expert in history, sports trivia, geography and music.
As anyone with cartilage damage from a sports injury knows, there's not a whole lot doctors can do to help.
Cheating in sports might be as old as the race between the tortoise and the hare.
Prisoners shared cells, worked together, and even played in organized sports.
Maybe this is the next frontier for computers in sports.
Most sports controversies live for only a season or two.
Jocks may have a reputation for not being smart, but you'll find plenty of science in the sports they play.
For a two-week span, athletes from dozens of countries compete against each other in scores of different sports.
Not to these athletes, whose sports are their lives.
Camera protection is critical in shooting water sports.
These high-speed introductions to extreme sports showcase the skills and share the secrets of these sports.
The gods paid as much attention to the sports results as mortals.
The royal quinoa sports distinctly larger, thicker seeds and a richer flavor than that grown in other areas.
Red meat has given me as much insight into this country as any charismatic politician, sports star, or entertainer.
Critics of college sports should stop focusing on winning teams that pay their own way.
Every week, our panel of sports fans discusses a topic of the moment.
Sports teams often go through sharp swings in popularity.
Tonight, the eyes of the sports world will be focused on one place.
The variety of players and sports involved seemed too diffuse for a single origin.
With every new revelation, it seems that the biggest career in sports is being reshaped before our eyes.
It's a small change, but sports fans are creatures of habit.
In general, politicians' sports allegiances are as predictable as their attire, with the home team almost always getting the nod.
He has also written features on subjects ranging from sports-talk radio to backcountry skiing.
There's a weird way in which the sports establishment rewards and punishes coaches.
In the cutthroat world of elite sports, sidelined players often seek fringe medicine for faster, more robust recoveries.
Some say athletic success is more mental than physical, and cheating in sports might be, too.
The cast of characters implicated in major athletic doping scandals are familiar to fans who follow major sports.
Be it in sports or comedy, they say that timing is everything.
Everyone who reads a lot of sports news is interested in sports, watches a lot of sports, and thus understands sports.
We may think of sports as a matter of muscle, but the brain is vital as well.
Recreational or sports-related activities are involved in almost half of all lightning-related deaths.
The rest are stuck with plain old top-of-the-line sports gear.
Coverage of politics is approaching the coverage of sports, pro football in particular.
Our choices are affected by unconscious preferences, our reflexes, and even local sports results.
For many, there was now measurably less reward in watching sports than there used to be, a clear and declarable loss.
The one way the country sees all of its parts these days is through sports.
Every great sports movie can be boiled down to its memorable quotes.
The baseball locker room-sorry, clubhouse-is not a safe haven for sports writers.
In fact, there are almost no other professional sports where the paying customer can get this close to the action.
They still obsess about their college sports teams-staying up until all hours to watch games via satellite.
We are used to talking to our local sports page and local sports radio.
The other kids came with their sports psychologists and their coaches and their choreographers and their parents.
The same universal laws seems to govern player rankings in sports as diverse as tennis, fencing, snooker and many others.
In many sports, rankings are produced according to the number of victories that one team or individual has against others.
Podcast programs are usually topic based, say, about cooking or sports.
The glove could also be used in video games, sports training, or physical rehabilitation.
They want to charge as much as possible for sports as well as patent inventions.
The same can now apply to theme tunes for sports shows.
Team sports pitch two groups of players against each other in direct combat.
Resources on how participating in sports can help increase levels of physical activity and fitness for all ages.
Playing sports can help you through tough periods and put you on the path to a healthy adult life.
The term properly applies to any sports team at the school.
There's no doubt about it: sports are a great way for teens to stay healthy while learning important team-building skills.
In order to apply for a sports permit, you must read and agree to the terms below.
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