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Had he lived to-day, he might have been an ornament of the sporting press.
The largest was the sporting world, also unknown to him except through the talk of his acquaintances.
Never did he guess that sporting officials would one day use his invention to catch drug cheats.
But then geologists sporting helmets and heavy ceramic vests jump out, too.
Someone who is sporting something they know is fake and is denying to be fake has already setup a precedent in their minds to lie.
Sure they promote their brands but so do sporting bodies or churches or political parties.
There's no doubt that those sporting tattoos exhibit, in general, an increase in anti-social behaviors.
Don't think of your ride to work as a sporting event.
It may be small comfort to anyone sporting a comb-over, but researchers have found a second genetic risk factor for baldness.
We embark, set off, and immediately spy rhinos sporting in the river.
The shops, in return for sporting company colors, get a break on the cost of liquor.
For example, you cannot have an exciting sporting contest without some element of uncertainty.
But the practice lives on at modern sporting events.
Sporting federations will be keener to provide facilities, and corporate sponsors want to back winners.
And others lure expositions, jamborees or sporting events.
It is still harder to know what to make of a more eccentric offer of a sporting olive branch.
The world has no cause to honour a government that governs in this way with a sporting event intended to promote human dignity.
Using the wisdom of crowds, they do a good job of forecasting the outcome of sporting events.
But several other top sporting-goods brands have a different reason to fret.
Sporting advantage notwithstanding, therefore, the existence of left-handedness poses a problem for biologists.
Extreme weather events have helped diminish many sporting events.
Yes, science, of which there is plenty to be had during any sporting event.
Apparently they recently won some sort of sporting contest, so the citizens were generally in good spirits.
But more importantly, and on topic, he's seen sporting a fashionable piece of mouth ware at the time: a smoking pipe.
The tracks were made by several four-limbed creatures sporting prehistoric toes.
Probably a bird of paradise, a family of birds with a number of species sporting obscenely long tails.
Both teams in a sporting event will often pray for victory.
It asked whether sporting events should eliminate scoring in order to de-emphasize winning over perseverance and teamwork.
We began with the sheep, recently shorn and sporting fashionable blankets so they'd remain clean for the judging.
Questions about last night's sporting events or stories about your grandma's cookies generally didn't count.
Police have little problems with large gatherings for sporting events, concerts, and public speeches.
Ely also has many restaurants, grocery stores, and sporting goods outfitters.
It was inevitable that they would have these formal sporting events.
Notably, school-sponsored sporting events are generally exempt.
Precipitous peaks sporting epaulettes of glacial ice rise more than a mile above the transportation corridor.
It's the one sporting event were you can literally get within arms-length of the athletes, but not ever see their faces.
Have students visit a bookstore or sporting goods store and find maps in books or stand-alone maps available for purchase.
But to declare such sporting endeavors scientific research is an unfortunate misinterpretation of reality.
Many sporting events have already sold out, but there will be hundreds of free cultural events to enjoy throughout the summer.
The tubes have also begun turning up in high-end sporting equipment.
There are many objects in the sporting goods department that are not allowed on airplanes in this day and age.
Most sporting equipment is prohibited as a carry-on.
Attendance at a live sporting event, as with many things in the electronic age, is tinged with a surreal quality.
Because too much was never enough, even at sporting events.
At this point, the viewer could be directly linked to a local sporting-goods store that sells rafts.
He would increase service fees and split the money with whoever housed a concert or sporting event.
And this reporter knows a little bit about unremarkable faces, sporting one himself.
The technology exists for sporting events, but has not been promoted widely.
There was so much promise at one time, talk about stardom and sporting immortality.

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