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The museum holds an annual mountain-bike festival that attracts many of the sport's pioneers.
Their distinctive thighbones, which sport a downward-pointing spur, are easy to recognize.
While education is not a guarantee of later success in life, it provides a much more likely chance than does sport.
He is a naturalist who has made of bird-photography a sport, a science, and an art.
Sport hunting is the blackest evil ever thought up by humans.
Brain traumatic lesion is e serious and frequent disorder, also in sport.
In case of sport, it is well known that individual sportsmen and sports clubs will not police themselves.
For example: driving a car, riding a bicycle, playing football or almost any other sport.
The walls sport a fresh coat of white paint, and the bench tops are shiny and bare.
It doesn't sport the same delicate curves or metallic body, for example.
Bloggers are turning the hunting and gathering, sampling and critiquing the rest of us do online into an extreme sport.
Face recognition is also helpful in sport arenas during matches.
Even a sport as seemingly straightforward as pistol shooting is surprisingly complex.
It seems to become a real sport to take pictures of satellites, they come more and more frequently.
The need to share information has meant that innovation is becoming more of a team sport.
So, investigating the sport as an aquatic nature religion provides the opportunity to revisit existing categories.
Take a look at the ears of anybody involved in any type of wrestling or grappling sport, ie the cauliflower ear.
And while the synthetic creatures sport a myriad of configurations, they share a strength- they cover ground quite efficiently.
From politics to sport to interstellar hitchhiking, there are many situations that require two people to work together.
If a gruelling schedule of televised sport is leaving you heavy round the haunches, consider some away-days.
Televised sport, with its abrupt cuts from wide to tight shots, is a different visual experience again.
And by extension, it is not clear why presidential candidates or sport teams require huge journalistic entourages.
The living-room television is being monopolised by her father, who is watching sport.
Such comments were taking him ever farther from sport and closer to politics.
Defending it against my numerous sportswriting colleagues who say it really isn't a sport.
We mean, simply, that they're vying for their sport's top spot-and pushing each to be better in the process.
It's not a sport so much as it is the art of walking lines.
But the newfound creatures did sport fully developed plastrons-the flat part of a turtle shell that covers and protects the belly.
Many males sport serious scars or even missing limbs thought to be related to their violent encounters.
They also sport an additional pair of smaller frontal legs, which can be used to grab prey.
No one ate the dusky seaside sparrow or hunted it for sport.
Males often sport vibrant feathered ruffs or amazingly elongated feathers, which are known as wires or streamers.
Hunters also prized the beautiful animals and shot many for sport.
Wombats have been hunted for this behavior, as well as for their fur and simply for sport.
Males sport large horns, which give them an unusual and impressive appearance.
Only males sport the brilliant red plumage for which their species is known.
Today, it's a popular sport across the world, combining physical strength with skills of endurance and precision.
It's the best combination of dangerous sport and beer out there.
If you're into any kind of sport and want to film it, you're covered.
Both mouse and keyboard sport battery life indicators.
But the team may not have to go racing to change the sport.
Both devices sport a large touchscreen and the familiar button configuration at the bottom.
Learning this newly trendy sport is one more cool adventure.
Onstage, she creates a sort of contest with the audience in which it is invited to sport with her.
He was dressed in khaki trousers, a polo shirt, and a sport coat.
This, it must be said, has become something of a national sport.
Here, the exterior will sport photovoltaic cells to collect solar power and make the building energy self-sufficient.
The sport has become a favorite of elite thinkers in this country.
Sport utility vehicles cruise by full of camping and fishing and rock-climbing gear.
He dressed impeccably, lecturing in well-tailored sport coats and ties on even the hottest summer days.
So late in life, he began challenging some of the best in the sport with only one condition: old school equipment.
It was a profound lesson to learn at the beginning of the sport.
Then you are ready to indulge in the sport of balloon jumping.
These two sport bonnets and dresses, and the scene becomes a decorous drag show twice over, and with real feeling.
About obtaining a free or reduced-fee sport fishing license.

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