spooky in a sentence

Example sentences for spooky

Be advised that there is likely more spooky actuarial math going on behind the liabilities.
Making it happen says more about human achievement than anything spooky about machine dominance.
Mounds of confetti and ticker-tape in the streets bear a spooky resemblance to the debris of the attacks ten years later.
It is spooky how many of the above suggestions have found their way into my three compartment carry-on.
They make trees look spooky, and they prefer not to be disturbed.
Quantum entanglement, whereby two or more objects are linked by an unseen connection, has some famously spooky effects.
The quantum phenomenon known as entanglement keeps spreading its arms to hold ever more particles in its spooky embrace.
Which could also account for the spooky effect observed in quantum mechanics.
Still, there was no point in denying my almost spooky good fortune.
He had seen ordnance officers and quartermaster officers and post exchange officers and other spooky military anomalies.
We looked at each other and almost got a spooky feeling.
It must be spooky at night, when the wind is blowing through all the tall trees that block it from the road.
Along with carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating, reading spooky stories is a great way to celebrate.
The standard model still doesn't describe magnets' spooky action at a distance.
Either that, or there's an awful lot of spooky-action-at-a-distance going on inside cells.
Usually implies something spooky, beyond normal experience or defying scientific explanation.
But some things are naturally spooky, with no fake blood or recorded howls required.
The vampires have spooky eyes and fangs that click into place.
One thing that makes these isopods spooky is the way they feed, boogieing around on the lookout for dead whales and fish.
Activities include trick-or-treating, site decorating, carriage rides and spooky campfire stories.
Bring a flashlight for this slightly-spooky, somewhat-silly trailside tale.
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