spooked in a sentence

Example sentences for spooked

The incident spooked potential investors, and the design never made it into large-scale production.
Neutrino seemed spooked by the encounter, and he put off the raft launch indefinitely.
And if the prospects of even higher deficits spooked the bond markets, it could disappear completely.
It was partly as a result that they were so easily spooked.
Dog urine still spooked them, and they could be trained to get scared of new stimuli.
He really should know better, but might not because nobody ever told him his behavior spooked them.
Spooked lenders can hike rates on new loans needed to pay off old ones, or cut companies off completely.
Investors were also spooked by a report that showed a slowdown in air travel and cargo.
They're getting spooked by the uncertainty around this decision.
Consumers, spooked by reports of declining spending, are deciding not to spend.
Because okapis are easily spooked, curators forgo neonatal exams on the calf.
Other equity investors were spooked, too, as they digested the wider implications of the announcement.
The probe could also dent hedge funds' nascent recovery by causing spooked investors to withdraw their money.
And there is another reason for not being spooked by the pessimists.
He wonders whether spooked patients might disable all this clever kit.
When spooked jumps out of the water, creating an airborne hazard to boaters.
Radiobiologists here resolved the mystery of the ghostly flashes of light being observed by spooked astronauts.
To the shooter's chagrin, the deer are spooked before he gets the shot off.
Some people are so spooked by water snakes that the mere sight of one puts an abrupt end to any outing.
Behaviorally, brook trout are aggressive predators but are cautious and easily spooked.
Today's dive ended a little bit differently, instead of a head nod followed by a capture, the otters clued into us and spooked.
Don't be afraid to keep some slush around your hole in the ice to prevent pike from being spooked by your opening.
The stock markets are spooked, fearful of new problems in other companies and accounting relationships.
The doves will get less spooked and tend to stick around longer.
Because the river is so clear, fish are easily spooked.
Horses can become skittish or spooked by sudden movements.
They are easily spooked and difficult to photograph before they flee.
Catfish can be easily spooked in these shallow waters by a boat motor or activity on the bank.
Fresh tracks are relatively easy to distinguish, and if not spooked, javelina generally will not move far.
Keep in mind that grouse spooked from a branch invariably drop a few feet before leveling out in flight.
Our dog was spooked when a falling tree crushed a section of our backyard fence and the dog took off through it.
Getting your lure away from the boat can help you catch fish that may be spooked by the outboard and boat in shallow water.
If the ducks seem spooked and start to veer off for another wetland your participants should try the comeback call.
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