spoof in a sentence

Example sentences for spoof

The spoof uses similar pill packaging, actors and even the same pink chairs, sneakers and yoga mats depicted in the real ad.
Either the site is a spoof or someone is seeing things.
The procedures need to be good enough that people can't spoof it.
Invading aliens seek to control the minds of viewers at a sci-fi film festival in this monster spoof.
Or, if you can't access the database you need, you could discuss ways to spoof a database for testing.
From the outset a didactic, or spoof-didactic, rhetoric permeates his modes of address.
The letter may have been a spoof, but the thought probably occurred to them.
Turns out it has a delightfully self-deprecating sister, a blog post spoof on praise songs.
Current technology makes it possible to spoof a telephone number to display as the source of the call.
But there's more than one way to spoof a news medium.
Despite the collection of comedic chops on stage, the spoof isn't trying to be funny.
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