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They can bleed spontaneously in their joints during stressful moments.
Adult mammals do not usually spontaneously recover from serious spinal-cord.
The fun thing about the blog is putting up ideas quickly and spontaneously.
The key is a magnet that blows up and spontaneously demagnetizes, releasing energy as a pulse of power.
Fresh ideas often emerge spontaneously in off hours.
In contrast with previous anti-globalisation protests, many of the latest ones seem to have started spontaneously.
Warmed by the sun, thousands of monarch butterflies spontaneously take flight.
And cricket fans in both countries link up spontaneously.
Some of these peaks have been known to spew gas plumes that spontaneously combust, sending tongues of fire high into the sky.
In scramjets, oxygen is rammed into a combustion chamber where it mixes with fuel and spontaneously ignites.
They make the legs itch and then will hatch spontaneously when a horse licks the itch.
Eventually these fears were subdued and spontaneously replaced w the fear of getting sick or growing old.
At such chilly temperatures the water molecules slow down enough to freeze spontaneously.
From time to time, it spontaneously unleashes a wave of electric current that travels down its length.
Thousands of fire ants spontaneously rearrange themselves into a floating island t.
It needn't pay for spontaneously created annotations.
The same or other users then spontaneously rated the pictures.
Fission reactions are continuing now as they occur spontaneously.
They choose leaders spontaneously from among themselves c.
Mobile mobs linked by electronic devices could change history by intervening in politics spontaneously.
We would have dinner with neighbors and their kids spontaneously.
Great example of how people can spontaneously organize effective network of help.
But studies show that they blink spontaneously at a rate far below that of adults.
Poking someone's eye out does not increase the likelihood that other eyes will be poked out spontaneously.
Yet subatomic particles spontaneously self organize into atoms which spontaneously self organize into molecules.
Most of the time this combustion doesn't happen spontaneously as there isn't a lot of oxygen in the ground to keep it going.
On balmy nights, parties can erupt spontaneously over bottles of red wine.
But many of us do not have the luxury of waking up spontaneously every day.
The animal population has turned on humankind, and corpses all around the city are spontaneously combusting.
Everything around you that emits heat, everything around you with an engine in it, begins to spontaneously and violently explode.
It turned out that these optimal ants also spontaneously formed highways.
His squiggly line seems to knot itself spontaneously into the faces of angst or glee.
It's spontaneously funny and rueful and full of oblique revelations.
Researchers believe the flaw arises spontaneously and is not inherited.
And it's fun to be able to hop on and off spontaneously, and avoid long ticket lines.
The same basic understanding seems to have sprung up spontaneously at other spots.
They do not develop spontaneously but grow out of other disturbances.
But these connections are unlikely to occur spontaneously.
Then, last summer, his campaign seemed to spontaneously combust in a puff of fund-raising troubles and staff intrigue.
Contrary to public opinion, good poetry seems to be constructed, rather than spontaneously created.
Both arose on the political fringe, more or less spontaneously, in response to the financial crisis and its economic consequences.
The sacred lance instantly punished his frailty, spontaneously falling upon him, and inflicting a deep wound.
At the same time, literature is not born spontaneously out of life.
The simplest cases of speech blunders are immediately noticed and spontaneously corrected.
These craftsmen are themselves composers in that they possess the remarkable gift of spontaneously scoring music as a group.
If she makes such a request, she is commanding him to behave spontaneously.
Mobile satellite telephones would spontaneously overcome the dearth of copper and fiber.
The gorillas sign spontaneously and appropriately to themselves and to each other.
What appeared to be the symptoms of a typical viral illness did not spontaneously disappear.
It is given an otherwise good-sounding name, and is presented as having sprung up spontaneously.
At the same moment, perhaps ten yards ahead, the tip of a low fir branch spontaneously sheds its load of snow.
Under certain conditions, these prions spontaneously form highly stable fibrils.
Nerves in the adult central nervous system, including the spinal cord, do not spontaneously regenerate.
These groups coalesced spontaneously as they urgently organized and accessed each other.
Such large objects will condense with their gravity and their entropy would increase spontaneously.
The fact that they demonstrably can spontaneously combust three weeks after being damaged is a matter of great concern.
These languages arise spontaneously, wherever deaf people have an opportunity to congregate.
Some of these patients, he says, spontaneously develop both interest and skill in art and music.
There is currently little understanding of how cancer tumors can spontaneously regress.
Mineral crystals can form spontaneously and can be catalytic.
In the macro world, a ball never spontaneously shoots itself over a wall.
Let's say that a scrambled egg sitting on your breakfast plate spontaneously starts unscrambling itself.
All it takes is a catalyst of nickel or ruthenium, and the reaction occurs spontaneously.
It's easy to convince ourselves that there exists some configurations from which the entropy would spontaneously go down.
It might even spontaneously change its properties from one instant to the next.
Not only that, but the cells they did produce were more likely to grow slowly, age prematurely and die spontaneously.
In some cases, genes spontaneously mutated and provided an extra reproductive edge to a microbe.
There is a vanishingly small chance that all the protons in my body will spontaneously decay right this moment, for example.
Many of the neurons appear to fire spontaneously, without any recognizable triggers.
Adults spontaneously compensated, and changed so that the word sounded correct to their own ears.
Its being witnessed constantly, when a bacteria becomes spontaneously resistant to an antibiotic for example.
They discovered that when the density of these atoms was high enough, the cloud spontaneously turned into a plasma.
Clumps and granules consisting of multiple different species form spontaneously in many interesting environments.
She says he then spontaneously learned to equate these symbols with the appropriate number of objects.
Within this interval, however, our free will spontaneously acts to select our actions.
Idiopathic pain arises spontaneously and without a known cause.
In some climate conditions the coal spontaneously combusts.
It is an excellent option for those who decide to dine here spontaneously.
These abnormalities cause impaired motility, which is the inability of muscles to act spontaneously.

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