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But mostly my choices were spontaneous and impulsive.
The project was done to produce an organic and spontaneous result within a certain framework.
Be well enough prepared that you can allow yourself to be spontaneous.
Being a scientist makes spontaneous blogging on some topics problematic.
Spontaneous humor can relieve tension and be helpful to you, but you're not auditioning to star at a comedy club.
It is the spontaneous expression of instant thought-impermanent beyond even the ephemera of daily journalism.
Spontaneous order probably won't prevail in the aftermath of such a change.
The city lacks any focal point of the sort that might catalyze a spontaneous public gathering.
Since that day medical colleges have multiplied without restraint, now by fission, now by sheer spontaneous generation.
But when things become psychologically too bewildering or frustrating for him, he may revert to spontaneous play.
On election day, a spontaneous rally followed him as he left the cancellation press conference.
But humor was his spontaneous form of expression and absolutely organic to his artistic vision.
The style of the street is not completely spontaneous.
Even cryogenic fuels have the advantage of boiling off without spontaneous ignition.
The mechanism of spontaneous accurate choice against tremendous odds is all important.
The romance of the road is a series of bold and spontaneous escapades, unscripted and unanticipated.
With the growth of the spontaneous traveler niche, many websites have sprung up that specifically cater to last-minute deals.
Some broke out into spontaneous song in the long lines.
With a little savvy you can turn a spontaneous shot into a masterpiece.
Office windows open onto hallways so that quick eye contact can trigger spontaneous discussions.
Because everyone was gathering in the same place, there was a lot more spontaneous discussion.
Traffic is unpredictable, spontaneous, liable to jump up in strange patterns.
Initially virtual communities were a spontaneous social event in a variety of network environments.
It has a plenty of natural light and places for spontaneous discussion.
Spontaneous in spirit, she often changes tempi and details of phrasing from performance to performance.
These were the tableaus-some spontaneous, some staged, some a bit of both-of a phony victory.
Creative, artistic and spontaneous thoughts are derived from the right hemisphere of the brain.
For the spontaneous shopper, the diversity of offerings at a farmers market can result in sensory overload.
In an environment where there is a source of neutrons, those spontaneous fission reactions will occur more frequently.
In fact, the data suggest that they're not much better than spontaneous rates of recovery.
Yet they observed spontaneous and continuous filling of the tube by an ordered chain of water molecules.
But the scientists found a spontaneous mutation that causes seedlessness in a cherimoya relative, the sugar apple.
Then it can take that information and spawn it into a totally spontaneous, self thinking conversation.
There is no difference between in spontaneous generation and the belief that life was energized by a spark of lightning.
The phenomenon cannot be studied in animals because they cannot report spontaneous memories.
These sweet soups are often spontaneous creations based on what the market has to offer.
Revolutions are as common as spontaneous combustion.
But friendship by its nature admits of no feigning, no pretence: as far as it goes it is both genuine and spontaneous.
Nothing could be more ill-bred than to treat curtly any overture made in spontaneous friendliness.
His notes are neither languid nor forced, but remarkably varied and spontaneous.
He thinks that an essay should be spontaneous and free from every artificial trammel.
But this avoidance will yield spontaneous forms in their due hour.
The allegory, in short, is mainly a check or drag upon the poet's naturally spontaneous and fresh imagination.
The sufferer endures memory loss, personality changes and spontaneous, jerky bodily movements.
His extraordinary, spontaneous style was never choreographed.
Others say it's handy for spontaneous searches of highly recommended local haunts.
But the spontaneous emergence of this group of start-ups is evidence of a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.
And it is mostly written, not spoken, making it tougher to gauge people's spontaneous use.
The spontaneous outbursts of poorer regions have now been joined by trade unions.
Given the spontaneous, geographically diverse and inchoate nature of these disturbances, there was never a credible single cause.
They had shorter fuses and were thus prone to spontaneous violent acts.
The result is that the gorillas' spontaneous and appropriate signing continues unabated.
It is not always possible to tell which of the wall pictures are official, which spontaneous.
But a press conference, with its spontaneous give and take, promises to be a novelty.
The spontaneous is not valued, because it opens a window of vulnerability.
When he concluded a segment of poem, spontaneous applause erupted among the cast and crew.
He breaks out into a spontaneous dance every few seconds.
The anticoagulant can sometimes cause spontaneous bleeding.
When that input is impaired, the theory goes, the spontaneous images may enter consciousness as hallucinations.
In fact modern cosmology points to a spontaneous event.
In all instances of synesthesia, the perceptions are spontaneous and enduring.
There are many cases where people seem to act spontaneous good or bad that is undetermined by their upbringing.
Another risk involves changes in the structure of amino acids, a kind of spontaneous twisting known as racemization.
They illustrate the power of spontaneous dynamics of structured order coming out of a less elaborated and simple social context.
However, if that photon leaves the system this is a spontaneous emission.
We're blessed, from time to time, with a spontaneous generation of humor and insight.
Keep a journal by the bedside for spontaneous brilliance.
Artists of all ages, genres and experience are encouraged to gather in public spaces for spontaneous music-making sessions.
He comes across as more of the elder statesmen, skilled yet spontaneous.
She doesn't want to know anything, she said, in order to keep her performance fresh and spontaneous.
Wandering actors offered instruments and spontaneous music lessons.

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