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Example sentences for sponsorship

Customized sponsorship opportunities offer several messaging platforms and unique positioning opportunities.
But a new study shows that people with true expertise in a subject have some immunity to the siren song of corporate sponsorship.
She couldn't get a sponsorship for this, but she never gave up on the idea.
More terrifying, are indications of federal sponsorship.
Sponsorship: your ads appear at the same time on a selected channel or blog.
We're also working on arranging corporate sponsorship of particular digs.
When money is involved, it seems sponsorship is easy to get.
They look at lotteries, bond issues, and sponsorship.
The two afternoon panels addressed different ways of putting together a tour and finding sponsorship and branding.
In this era before corporate sponsorship, to earn a living by climbing required ingenuity and aggressiveness.
Corporate sponsorship in the rock world has become inescapable.
Familiarity is critical to engagement, engagement is critical to audience, and audience is critical to sponsorship and publicity.
Such sponsorship certainly isn't helping the common fan.
Visa sponsorship is not available for this position.
Joint sponsorship works wonders in helping a new office gain the respect of students.
Other chess computing projects around the world also lost their sponsorship.
Yet it would be naïve to ignore the other political function of the scholar who lectures abroad under government sponsorship.
The usual problems were cited-falloff in corporate sponsorship being, no less usually, the principal one.
Attendance soared, sponsorship revenue rose and the club's profile increased.
And sponsorship dollars, which help keep ticket prices from getting even more out of hand, are down drastically.
The heavy hand of corporate sponsorship remains one of the more controversial aspects of the festival business.
Your company may not renew its sponsorship of a local little league team next year.
Sponsorship donations also help cover the cost of breakfast, lunch and break service.
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