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Practically every word spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
Practically every word is spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
Of the modes of persuasion furnished by the spoken word there are three kinds.
All good writers are good talkers, even if writing itself begins where the spoken word ends: in silence.
On sporadic days over a period of a month, the sensors recorded every word spoken or heard by the subjects.
We can be sure that his will not remain the last word spoken in that argument.
With its high-end voice recognition software, it carries out your spoken requests.
If she hadn't spoken up, then maybe you could say she had failed.
It may be taught everywhere, but it's not spoken and certainly not used to any degree of proficiency.
She said she had spoken with students this weekend and feels their outrage.
Mellow and soft-spoken, he listens for rhythms in history.
One coach said he had spoken to the course instructor only twice a year.
When the judge asked him to slow down, he apologized, saying he had not spoken much in the past years.
With three out of seven floors already spoken for, you'd better get your bid in.
The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace.
Kind words about her have hardly been spoken publicly in years.
Drivers can now access anything from custom traffic reports to spoken e-mail messages to video games.
The high-tech device enables the patient to communicate his thoughts to a computer, which translates them into spoken words.
Understanding what you have spoken about, has been a lifelong struggle for myself.
Another octogenarian spent her life as a soft-spoken housewife, contracted cancer, and went through chemotherapy.
No grown up should ever condescend to being spoken to in that tone of voice.
Anyone with advice on how you should live your life has surely spoken to you of its benefits.
The intimacy level is so heightened with a kiss that types of communication exist that are outside the realm of spoken language.
Selfish people, generally spoken, ie there may be exceptions.
The poem was probably composed in the seventh or eighth century and spread primarily through song or spoken verse.
For example, some people may believe that regions exist according to languages spoken or shared physical traits.
In some cases these accounts are edited versions of a spoken interview.
Write the names of the languages spoken in the countries.
Numerous other tribal dialects are spoken by other minorities.
Translating spoken phrases also makes the system useful for telephone conversations.
With computers, speech recognition software has automated the work of turning a doctor's spoken words into text.
It processed voices acoustically with no regard to the language spoken and no use of keyword recognition.
They had not actually spoken of the grieving process, but she had been afraid that at any moment they might start.
The two sides haven't spoken to each other in five years.
He has spoken often of chance encounters with aliens, some of whom have been kind enough to invite him onto their space ships.
Similar characters appear throughout, similar dialogue is spoken, the war grows closer.
It's not mime, not a poor, pidgin derivative of spoken tongues--it's a richly endowed language in and of itself.
Since that day, she has not spoken or clearly responded in any way.
Spoken language through a voice synthesizer is coming soon.
His monologues are spoken in a vacuum with no one around to correct mistakes or ask questions.
But the intellectual history of the past five centuries has spoken loud and clear: the dream of rationalism is a false one.
Drum presumably got a negative reaction because intelligence isn't something spoken of in polite company.
Nature is probably full of such hidden conversations, spoken in rumbles and tremors.
Check out the differences between spoken and unspoken pressures, and learn about the peer pressure bag of tricks.
He insisted that he had spoken with all the people named in the story, and that they had reconstructed the conference for him.
Absolutely those sentences have been spoken, but none of us are thinking about that right now.
He comforted her as best he could, although they had not spoken in six years.
If the code is complicated, as it is for spoken language, the same amount of information can be conveyed in a shorter message.
Neither have they ever spoken to him on the telephone.
She is well-groomed, and plain-spoken, filmed against the backdrop of a cozily domestic living room.
The novel is a masturbatory dream, written with the cleverness that is sometimes spoken of as too-clever-by-half.
And what is spoken is sooner or later likely to be published.
Suddenly comes another revelation from the past, spoken almost as an afterthought.
No eighteenth-century defender of the militias would have spoken that way.

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