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Though he rarely spoke of his condition, he seemed aware that his time was short.
He spoke with great pride about meeting each astronaut starting with the first human space launch.
However if he spoke another language, he would be giving himself away.
Suppose that the complex has a wheel-and-spoke pattern, with one igloo at the center and six at the perimeter.
They also spoke with animal welfare workers and gang outreach pros.
If you spoke to him he would answer normally, after a few seconds.
Several experts spoke at the event about various aspects of space in climate change research.
And she thought of her shoes only, when the priest laid his hand upon her head and spoke holy words.
Most exposed of all are bodies which, as the war reached its climax, spoke up for civilians caught in the crossfire.
In the days following it, investors spoke of little else.
He spoke of spending years with the cult, isolated from conventional society.
He spoke in complete sentences and well-crafted paragraphs, and he knew how to tell a funny story.
He spoke with microphone in hand, welcoming everyone.
No one the writer spoke to believes that climate change can be successfully addressed solely by creating a market.
The way she moved, the way she sat, the way she spoke--she was a dream.
Western scientists spoke of vaccine and drug development, of biotechnology, of manipulating and transplanting genes.
He spoke with calmness, knowledge, and deep feeling.
He spoke to the group after we'd finished our sampling.
He spoke about energy storage in general and solid state energy in particular.
The spokeswoman spoke on customary condition of anonymity.
Each square represents a data hub, which lines up on a spoke with the city in which it is registered.
And you would know she spoke of your country, of our people.
Others spoke cryptically to avoid arousing the suspicion of listening ears.
Early in the week the clubs were dead, as they spoke of it.
Nevertheless, in interviews over the years both sons spoke affectionately and admiringly of their father, if not of his fathering.
He says we'd all be better off if politicians fired their pollsters and spoke from the heart.
But here and there he added a word for punctuation that was so right it spoke volumes.
He spoke with high-level intelligence sources in three of those countries.
Whether they realized it or not, another game they played spoke directly to why they identified so strongly with each other.
They often had lived abroad and spoke more than one language.

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