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Example sentences for spoiler

Researchers have long wondered about another vacation spoiler: the appendix.
It's a fixed-wing, er, fixed-spoiler rocket for those who want a street-legal racer and aren't ashamed to flaunt it.
It has a custom ground effects kit, a spoiler, unique grille and graphics package.
And the spoiler phenomenon may already have affected the primaries.
As long as there is a rostrum to lean on, he will go on talking, but his probable role has become that of a spoiler.
The picture here may be something of a spoiler for one of them.
If you haven't watched the film, there's a major spoiler next.
That's the only spoiler-ish thing in the transcript.
Installation of hydraulically actuated spoiler system.
In the lower bumper fascia area, a spoiler improves the lower leg impactor kinematics by reducing knee bending.
The three model configurations were designated as unvented aileron, vented aileron and spoiler flap.
The spoiler is added to keep the car low to the ground, but you see it is large.

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Experience is a great spoiler of pleasures.... more
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