spoilage in a sentence

Example sentences for spoilage

Western spoilage is a result of personal habit and law.
There is no spoilage from goods returned from consignment.
Rancid means unpleasant odor due to spoilage of fatty foods.
Ironically, more hops were historically used in beer to protect the beer from bacterial spoilage.
Instead, the main concern of a car camper is spoilage.
The test tubes in which the viruses are cultured contain penicillin to prevent bacterial spoilage.
In developing countries where spoilage greatly cuts food productivity, the method could help cut losses between field and table.
Gasoline vehicles and their distribution system also lose capacity sitting idle, by evaporation and eventually spoilage.
Hardtack was a simple dried bread made out of flour and water, baked into a moisture-free rock to prevent spoilage.
Foods based on fresh plant products are subject to spoilage.
Spoilage yeasts that lurk inside wine as it ferments and ages pose a major challenge to winemakers.
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