splat in a sentence

Example sentences for splat

One is reduced to creating the splat form of letters, you have to write to a computer that searches for buzz words.
People toss out acronyms that bounce off my brain and splat on the floor, unabsorbed.
Spoilt or damaged ones went splat on the first couple of steps.
And so over the top they all merrily go, on their way to one spectacular splat landing.
Although the film has scenes of combat, its battles have none of the pow, bam and splat of an ordinary cartoon.
Such a moonlet would have collided in a giant splat against the main moon billions of years ago.
Also, something mentioned here that is always startling for me to realise: tarantulas will go splat if they take a high fall.
The whole world will be waiting to see if it lands on its webbed feet or goes splat.
Splat swirled around with countless raindrops, but hardly had a moment with any of them.
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