splashy in a sentence

Example sentences for splashy

Too many end up believing the loud, pushy, splashy crackpots.
Not all star relief efforts are splashy fundraisers and telethons.
Apple had a splashy week, and it didn't even announce new gizmos.
Made-for-television movies rarely warrant splashy premieres.
Hotels usually bring celebrities for their big splashy openings, usually paying them appearance fees.
Yes, there was a splashy cover story about the future of reading.
Its loud, splashy moments turn to foster quiet, personal scenes.
It grabs the unlucky fish and with a few splashy wing beats lifts its catch out of the water and back to the branch.
Generally, the white is irregular, and is rather scattered or splashy.
Some communities start with a big event or splashy demonstration of value.
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