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Example sentences for spit

The lobsters also quickly spit out opaline-laced shrimp.
To keep the weight down, the engines spit out lots of half burnt particles.
If he could spit out the rice, he was telling the truth.
Of course, don't mistake the trigger for a spit valve.
The spit was a long, pointed rod of metal or wood thrust through the meat.
They chew them to extract the nectar and spit out what is left.
In fact, if they swallow something too big, they spit it out.
These spiders produce a mixture of venom, glue and silk to spit at their prey.
There are certainly far more smokers who drop their butts than gum chewers who spit their masticated wads on the streets.
Then the loonies can hiss and spit at each other while the grownups get on with life.
Local inhabitants often enter the caves to gather swift nests made from the birds' spit.
He got out, came back to my driver side, spit on the window and tried to pulled me out.
Once the glider slowed, it would spit out the water, propelling it forward in an upward motion.
Their value derives ultimately from the never-ending stream of dividends they are expected to spit out.
The shaman will then suck out negative energy through the patient's skin and then spit it out.
He hesitated some more until finally somehow the circle spit us out.
However, production there is a drop in the spit bucket.
Fire devils spit burning debris in all directions, causing more buildings to burn.
As a closing point, if you want to persuade, don't spit on people.
When they decelerate, they spit the power back out, providing an uninterruptible backup energy supply.
These excited atoms spit the extra energy back out as light, giving us the colorful displays visible to the human eye.
The bird soon realized that this butterfly was bitter and awful tasting and spit the butterfly out.
Whirlpools spit wide swaths of foam, and seven-foot standing waves explode into the sky.
The only possible solution for the chimp is to suck water into his or her mouth, and spit it into the tube.
The machines will also spit out coupons that consumers might redeem for discounts at nearby stores.
The banknotes were wet because first they would spit on them.
In one bay it speckled the water with brown turds and spit gobs.
Let's be smart and quit trying to spit into the wind.
Devices which obstinately refuse to spit out all data meet the crusher.
She could be practicing how to swim, how to jump rope, how to spit through gaps in her teeth.
And you'll be happy to know that it's cloudy this afternoon with the odd spit of rain.
Throw a ball at students and they need to spit out a word or conjugation or whatever.
Another characteristic of maars is that they sometimes spit out toxic gas.
Either way, sheathing my manhood in a prophylactic into which he had spit wouldn't be the preferred method.
The film developed inside the camera and spit it out once it was ready.
Unlike other computers, it can be spit on and wiped clean, even licked.
But being lectured and spit at by someone who does not even sign an article is utterly out of order.
When it comes to obtaining a good paying job, college is not worth a warm bucket of spit.
Harshness is spit at everyone here in some form or another, including at the majority.
Near the mouth of the river is a sandy spit with low buildings decorated with oyster shells and gnarly driftwood.
Asked him did he get rehabilitated and would he go straight if he got out, and he spit on their mahogany table.
Daily he was spit upon, cursed, stoned in the street.
Its remains are spit back out through channels on the lysosome's surface.
Some captive octopuses lie in ambush and spit in their keepers' faces.
It is so cold that your spit freezes before it hits the ground.
The spit is about one-half mile wide at its broadest portion.
It is the way a spit retreats when it is attached to a retreating coastline.
The spit may have been scoured away by jetty-influenced currents.

Famous quotes containing the word spit

It is an old saying in the town that "most any fellow with a chaw in his jaw can sit on his front porch and spitmore
I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery.... more
There was an old man from Darjeeling Who got on a bus bound for Ealing. It said at the door, "Please don't spitmore
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