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Few creatures are as mysterious and captivating as the whale, and few connect with us so emotionally and spiritually.
The two partners are spiritually alone, which is a sombre but unnecessary lesson for us.
When you're married and you have that kind of connection, you become really spiritually, psychologically connected.
Please do more research before subjecting the world to your totally subjective, biased, and spiritually bankrupt views.
Hallucinogens are relatively harmless substances, whether used recreationally, spiritually or medicinally.
We're not talking about errant politicians here, but about those whose values ought to be spiritually driven.
We're too underdeveloped spiritually and ethically to embark on these activities without further corrupting our world.
Schizophrenics also tend to be filled with grandiose spiritually, but often on the negative side.
The sum of the whole matter is this, that our civilization cannot survive materially unless it be redeemed spiritually.
It never occurred to him to be spiritually won over to the enemy.
They should be active-physically, socially, and spiritually.
She knew he was typical of his generation and worried that something spiritually important was being lost in our society.
It recognizes that a distinctive roofline is architecturally appropriate and spiritually desirable in the everyday environment.
But at the same time it sees the system as spiritually-and politically-corrupting.
It's for people who spiritually or literally dress in smoking jackets.
They had left it physically, but spiritually and emotionally it remained home to them for the rest of their lives.
Nearly all the study subjects considered themselves spiritually active and over half had postgraduate degrees.
At some point, unfortunately, they became spiritually inseparable.
It is morally, ethically and spiritually wrong what he does.
He was tired now, eroded physically and spiritually, and depressed about his own profession.
Hence stability creates wealth, both spiritually and materially.
It represents me as emotionally and spiritually independent.
It's not anti-intellectualism strictly speaking, but it's anti-intellectualism-as-being-advantageous-spiritually.
Nonetheless, humans are naturally spiritually-inclined.
It's a book that's occupied a prominent place in this trial, both physically and spiritually.
Spiritually and financially bankrupt, he chases her.
Be advised that it is not a pleasant picture or even a spiritually uplifting one.
There was nothing else, either physically or spiritually.
The fact that they are so spiritually uplifting carries the day.
Spiritually, he has really been with us pretty much the whole ride.
He was a communist who wanted people to have communal property and think spiritually.
Immense anguish mentally, spiritually and physically surround these choices.
When the ceremonies are completed you leave the lodge spiritually cleansed and healed.
Strength is the state of being physically, mentally, or spiritually strong.
Being part of a spiritual group of people helps them grow spiritually and in other ways.
The lack of good health affects the individual physically, mentally and spiritually.
We strive to have a tribal community that is physically, emotionally and spiritually happy and healthy.
The book explores how and why addicts develop spiritually and the implications for them and society.
His figures seem physically present yet spiritually distant.

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