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Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.
But when the product can be doled out as needed, our inventive spirit is challenged.
The spicy fragrance wafting through the air can get anyone in a festive spirit.
We felt glad to be sharing our table with a kindred spirit.
It is placed in the barn, and at threshing the corn-spirit appears again.
It need scarcely be remarked that these measures have not been resorted to in a spirit of hostility to other powers.
Lives of nations are determined not by the count of years, but by the lifetime of the human spirit.
It's the downside of the welcoming, egalitarian spirit of our admissions departments.
What sets us apart as a research university is the uniquely entrepreneurial spirit of our faculty.
It's about faculty and students driven by the spirit of discovery, and committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.
But that playful spirit doesn't have to end as summer fades and the fall semester overtakes us.
If the position requires creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, show in the letter that you have some new and interesting ideas.
The entrepreneurial spirit is still moving along, but its engine has been overhauled.
Already one of the world's foremost evolutionary biologists, he had caught the spirit of a new age.
During a message service a spirit advises her through a medium that she should get ready for a journey.
Perhaps they represented ancestors, or heroes, or gods or goddesses from some spirit world.
The art offers insights into human relationships: with nature, the spirit world and one another.
The vastness of the region has always given its people an independent, frontiersman spirit.
She says she felt the spirit of her ancestors beading along with her.
They were a defeated nation so they had to overcome a devastation of the spirit.
Meghan's writing has a way of grabbing your attention and spirit, taking both on the journey with her.
Now is the time to think big, explore new markets and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar.
Voodoo is based on a dynamic relationship between the living and the spirit realm.
Their cultural rites reflect awareness of the necessary harmony between the human spirit, the land, and surrounding animal life.
In some cases oracles cough, shout, and beat their own bodies until bruises appear-to gain control over a spirit.
The uninitiated may flinch at the notion of washing down food with a pungent spirit.
She was disciplined, but at the same time a free spirit.
Surely this article breaches the spirit of this dubious piece of legality if not the actual technical terms as such.
Witches bowls were common spirit-fighting implements.
The tournament started in a spirit of good sportsmanship.
The rapidly disappearing daylight seems almost to drag away part of your spirit with it.
No one can claim that, and to do so shows disregard for the true spirit of science and reluctance to budge from the status quo.
For those that don't understand, the majority, a kind smile will usually drive their evil from your midst and restore your spirit.
But what it is in the letter and the spirit of the law is not what it has become in practice.
Put crudely, gin is not too different from flavored vodka: it's likewise a neutral grain spirit.
In the spirit of the season, your unstinting puzzle makers have put together an array of gifts.
There is no homogeneity, but everywhere a rigid spirit of caste.
It was as if she awakened a spirit of delight wherever she went.
Or you can wing it, which seems more in the spirit of things.
Though some believe that any distilled spirit is safe, others refrain from wheat-based liquor all together.
Spirit relies on solar energy to run heaters that keep its internal components warm.
If defining consciousness is difficult, defining spirituality or spirit is virtually impossible and cannot be scientific.
The article is merely a mathematical exercise that has nothing to do with the human spirit.
The cards and endearments that she bestowed on me were identical in spirit to the ones she'd once bestowed on my father.
They wanted to know that it would be a happy marriage, where the spirit of partnership was in real evidence.
Critics didn't believe the computer could adequately express the human spirit.
We tend to have a misconception about music-that it is this thing that delights the senses, elevates the spirit.
These days, it's also the story of her life the company uses to convey the spirit of the clothes.
There's something stronger in the air-a largeness of spirit, as well as abundant physical beauty.
What she sees is an idea, the spirit of a civilization.
The spirit of conservatism, properly understood, is inhospitable to fanaticism.
Science should not be fear-based, it should interface with holism, and stop trying to beat-down the valid aspects of spirit.
He is such a proud spirit, so much more grounded in truth than the rest of us minions.
Some disciples are also in thrall to the tattoo's spirit.
Across countries and faiths, the devout believe the power of the spirit can heal the ills of the flesh.
Little by little, the festival developed its rituals, with a community spirit that might make us feel almost nostalgic.
Though their spirit was high, a grimmer reality was settling in-that things are only going to get less comfortable.
Meditation is a way to relax and renew the mind and the spirit.
Try one of these techniques for refreshing your spirit.

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