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Example sentences for spiny

The sharp edges of the blue spiny lizard will not protect it against climate change.
And so it has to be a spiny form of foliage, but held on the tree in such a way as not to collect snow.
In a species of spiny-headed worm, males use their cements on each other, trying to gum up their rivals.
When attacking sea urchins, triggers often flip them over, exposing their less spiny undersides.
Other important parts of the tropical region are dry tropical forests, tropical deciduous forests, and spiny desert regions.
Plants pollinated by fast-moving bees or flies may have spiny pollen that lodges easily between the insects' hairs.
Some males embrace females with spiny claspers in a viselike grip that causes damage.
Small animals such as the spiny water flea can travel unnoticed by hopping onto a kayak or other recreational equipment.
They do not spin webs but simply run down prey and grab them with their spiny legs.
The green spiny cactus contrasts with the exotic deep reds and oranges of the delicate bougainvillea.
Four spiny minarets quiver rhythmically alongside it.
Branches from the base to form a large shrub of overlapping gray-green, spiny leaves.
The gloves have also proved handy while weeding around spiny agaves.
One step on this spiny creature can put a real damper on a vacation, so it's best to be prepared on the spot.
Spiny lobsters, parrotfish and grouper can also be seen.
Sea turtles, spiny lionfish, frogfish and slithering eels are common sights here.
It was rough and spIny and pocked with small round caves, craters.
They wore webbed bat suits that sent them into deadly spins, or spiny wings that got caught on their chutes.
Once you get them home, if they are too spiny to eat raw, follow these instructions on how to process gooseberries.
For breakfast, lunch, and supper you live on rice and spiny river fish.
Pack rats will also fortify their dens with menacing pieces of spiny cholla cactus to fend off coyotes and other malefactors.
It had spiny arms and probably moved along the ocean bottom.
She bent over to see it better, backing into a large spiny cactus.
Wombats, foxes, spiny anteaters and pigs all dig holes under it.
She grabbed the bully and threw him into the spiny leaves of a yucca plant.
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