spinning reel in a sentence

Example sentences for spinning reel

Most anglers prefer a quality level wind reel, but in a pinch you can get by with a heavy spinning reel.
Four-pound test was used with an ultralight rod and spinning reel.
Match the rod with a small-to medium-sized spinning reel spooled with four to eight pound monofilament line.
About any type of spinning reel will work as long as it is balanced with the rod.
The close-faced spinning reel works fine, but you have a restriction on the line weight.
For novices this is the basics of two common reels: the spinning reel and the bait caster.
The video screen also displays a spinning reel graphic of icons.
The screen can also display spinning reel graphic icons, at the player's discretion.
The game results may be shown on a video screen using a game theme display such as spinning reel icons.
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