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By touching the spinning bowls with wet fingers he produced chords and complex melodies.
She leans casually on her spinning frame, staring out at the camera, dressed in a filthy work smock.
We give them the tools to realize when they're spinning and need to stop.
Usually these discussions leave my head spinning, unable to keep track of all of the concepts being flung my way.
He reacts silently to each new revelation rather than spinning out glib one-liners, and he lets his pain show.
Spinning blood device set to safeguard astronaut health.
As you gaze at a, you soon notice circles spinning in opposite directions.
They picked a color of laser light that ensured the energy absorbed by the molecules would not set them spinning.
Similar issues come up with mechanical storage, whether it's water behind a dam, compressed air underground or spinning flywheels.
On the way to the super market stop into a toy store and purchase a kids toy spinning top.
Vertigo refers to the sensation of being in a spinning environment.
Evidence of this asymmetry could be found by playing a film of a spinning, slightly squashed electron in reverse.
Air spinning in a toroid has low pressure at its center of rotation, which makes the toroid of air rise.
So the researchers turned back to their supercomputer and ran more simulations to produce videos of spinning gears.
Tornadoes are vertical funnels of rapidly spinning air.
Pulsars are the spinning cores of dead stars that ended their lives in huge explosions.
If he could place weather tools in a tornado's path, its spinning winds could roar over them.
If a gust of wind blows through, it can send the circulating air spinning horizontally, triggering a dust devil.
But tornado chasers and scientists have seen, photographed and videotaped clockwise spinning tornadoes north of the equator.
It turns out two of them are spinning off into their own series.
He finished his shaving in a growing testiness increased by his spinning headache and by the emptiness in his stomach.
Her spinning-wheel turned of its own volition and her pillow circled as if on a pivot while she slept.
So his agile mind worked, spinning its familiar web of possibilities and contingencies and fine distinctions.
More generally, the novel occasionally feels too long for its weight, its seething activity spinning rather than flowing.
Other parts of government are not above spinning the facts for their own ends.
In addition, the flow of water into a hydropower dam's turbines draws fish into the spinning blades.
They visualize a satellite whose characteristic spinning and tumbling can be reduced to zero by a system of control jets.
Aficionados considered his style, full of spinning angled shots and feathery drop shots, the epitome of beauty.
We believe it to be round, plastic, and always spinning.
Many of these books come in series, spinning out extended narratives in intricately imagined worlds.
Bougainvillea poured down the hillside, and the hummingbirds were spinning.
On one level, he was spinning fantasies, but on another he was merely saying that nothing was going to make him quit.
Once in position, the drill can be set spinning so that an ice cylinder gradually forms within it.
Snow had started to fall, spinning in the beams of our headlamps.
The flywheel continues spinning, storing energy until that motion can be transferred back to the wheels via a transmission.
If it is spinning fast enough it will continue to spin even though at an angle.
In addition, the excess heat from the process can then be used to pre-heat water for conversion to steam for spinning turbines.
Those transistors were made by spinning the plastic foil to spread a drop of organic liquid into a thin, even layer.
Normally, these polymers are spread out across the substrate by spinning or using a small scraping blade.
Any spinning sphere that it is not entirely spherical should wobble in this way.
The app uses a spinning, color-coded wheel to make it easy to hop from one artist to the next.
What limits the speed of a helicopter is the same thing that allows it to hover-the air flowing over its spinning rotor blades.
Some previously money-spinning activities are shadows of their former selves.
With leaks appearing almost daily, the commission now appears to be dangerously close to spinning out of control.
The problem is that matters rapidly seem to be spinning out of the control of fiscally-limited governments.
But the college did try spinning off different programs and establishing alternate campuses.
Some of my friends started spinning fantastical explanations, including my political views and simple jealousy.
As students and enrollment officials alike grasp for certainty in an uncertain time, the admissions cycle keeps spinning faster.
The goal is to diminish your isolation and spinning of wheels.
But the metamorphosis offered by the great religions is often less dramatic than spinning golden gods out of human straw.
It's amazing what can go through your mind when the number of plates you're spinning falls to a manageable number.
Then the government began a campaign of forgetting, first spinning the event and then erasing it.
It is frighteningly easy to imagine this crisis spinning out of control.
Vertigo is a sensation of motion or spinning that is often described as dizziness.
From that moment on, he was in perpetual motion, spinning tales of his travels into two dozen books and scores of stories.
There was a carousel spinning around, playing calliope music.
Not at all the sort of place you would expect to find a spinning red swastika on prominent display.
Haynes climbed the spinning, rocking structure to a perilous and precarious perch high on the scaffolding.
Mac was alone in his wakefulness, his mind spinning with fear.
Rather than scrambling the ice crystals, the shock wave from the rocket organized them into an array of tiny spinning tops.
Here is a diagram showing the wheel while it is spinning.
Silkworms, on the other hand, are natural silk-spinning factories.
It is great because you can stand or sit on it if you don't mind getting sick from spinning.
Ten seconds of spinning and your dinner table goes from seating six to seating twelve, which is the equivalent of six fat people.
Five seconds into the video, it failed to play and the spinning circle took over the site, forcing me to close it down.
We live on a spinning ball, rotating madly as it moves through space.
Vertigo is an illusory sensation of motion or spinning, often accompanied by nausea.
It may have been done on purpose as part of a gyroscopic-stabilization move, or it may have been spinning out of control.
You'd have to integrate for a while to see all those stars so the mount must have been spinning.
Pulsars are the rapidly-spinning ├╝ber-dense fantastically-magnetic collapsed cores of exploded stars.
In her first academic year, she seemed to be spinning without direction.
Finally a wildly spinning filament of cloud snaked out and grabbed at the ground.
As a science writer, my focus is biology, but that didn't ease my year-long case of head-spinning.
The syngas ignites inside the turbine, spinning the turbine blades that generate about half the plant's electricity.
Therefore, the path you find yourself on has less to do with choice than with the way a particular electron is spinning.
The content of the show has the traditional plate-spinning, hoop-diving, juggling and contortions.
When an updraft moves over the spinning, and stretches it, a tornado can form.
Researchers are spinning spider silk from goats' milk.

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