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The dinosaurs were also relatively unique in the shape of their elongated spine rows.
Its spine, a sloping village lane, leads to an almost sacred view of the actual island.
Certainly its exterior has not aged well, but the interior is spectacular in many places, especially along the main spine.
The lover's neck is bent at an impossible angle, suggesting either that his spine is broken or that he is made of rubber.
In none of these cases was there measurable spine growth upon award of tenure.
The wedge-tail triggerfish protects itself with two sharp dorsal spines: a large, thick one and a shorter spine behind it.
In addition, the subjects underwent a procedure known as discography, in which a doctor injects fluid into the spine.
Some will get a normalized spine faster than others because each spine is better or worse than the spine of someone else.
These cells are a potential source of spare neurons that researchers might use to replace damaged brain or spine tissue.
The guys in the brain are called the upper motor neurons, and the guys in the spine are called the lower motor neurons.
It burned his spine so bad he had to have screws put in his upper spine so he could hold his head up.
Or speculated about how many tons a determined weight lifter could vertically press before his spine snapped.
It creates enormous stress on the body, especially the spine, and blocks its relaxed natural functioning.
Stem cells injected into a paralyzed patient's spine, for instance, might help regenerate nerve tissue.
There is also the prolonged physical impact on the spine, base brain and whole nervous system.
Imagine a knife in your spine slowly twisting deeper and deeper into your body.
The human spine is one of the strongest arguments against intelligent design, and she is right.
Spinal cord trauma can be caused by any number of injuries to the spine.
Cervical spondylosis is caused by chronic wear on the cervical spine.
Physical therapy is important to prevent contractions of muscles and tendons and abnormal curvature of the spine.
The amount of bone loss may help predict how severely the spine will curve.
Future spine problems are possible for all patients after spine surgery.
Surgery may be needed, especially to drain spinal abscesses or to stabilize the spine.
Weak back muscles may increase the load on the spine and the risk of disk compression.
But it would have lacked much of its intellectual spine.
Edith suffered from curvature of the spine and was forced to wear a heavy metal cage.
It was a spine-stiffening, yet invaluable experience.
But the mere thought that he might have been president sends shivers down the spine.
The group has now repeated the experiments in mice with gliomas, which are tumours that start in the brain or spine.
Wisely, however, he refrained from telling spine-chilling stories about his earlier raids on white settlers.
But regulators with spine are still better than invertebrates.
On one hand, the idea of a crazy maniac on board is spine chilling.
Not only would a reversal show a lack of spine, it would send a jarring message about investor protection.
It migrates to clusters of nerves along the spine and there goes dormant.
Wolves are legendary because of their spine-tingling howl, which they use to communicate.
Slowly rotate from the base of your spine to one side while reaching to place your hands on the bench.
The pelvis decoupled from the spine, allowing the tail a broader range of vertical motion.
He moved down the spine toward the tail, probing around each vertebra with the handle of his brush.
The centipede is an invertebrate, or an animal without a spine.
Tool-using woodpecker finch probes a branch with a cactus spine.
Their alignment also hinted at a spine connection typical of upright-walking primates-in other words, humans and human ancestors.
The spine will be hand-stamped with decorative silver foil.
Thin, with dark blue sides and a narrow band along the spine, the so-called dwarf fossorial snake lacks fangs and venom.
It is attached to this fascia along a line which pursues a somewhat irregular course to the spine of the ischium.
The anterior border articulates with the spine of the frontal bone and the crest of the nasal bones.
Walking on the seashore he picked up the spine of a fish.
The middle of the lower border of the anterior nasal aperture, at the base of the anterior nasal spine.
Another point was the forward carriage of the head and the clumsy and inhuman curvature of the spine.
He founded a hospital and dispensary for the treatment of hopeless spine and hip diseases.
Bone scans showed that almost all of the cyclists had significantly less bone density in the spine than the control group.
Some of it sends chills down your spine with its prescience.
As well as the ability to run a chill down your spine.
Your book has a really attractive spine, which makes it look great on a bookshelf.
He sketched a hasty portrait of a wasted crone with a scornful grimace and a ramrod spine.
The base of his spine twitched to the beat, as if jolts of current were running through it.
In your spine, intervertebral discs provide cushioning between individual vertebrae.
He can think sends orders to the arms through a direct link into his spine.
Bony outgrowths along a medieval monk's spine indicate that he was severely obese.
The ovaries are loosely tethered to the spine by their elongated blood supply, and ligaments connect them to the uterus.
The neural arch puts limits on the range of a spine's movement with pairs of interlocking tabs known as zygapophyses.
Tetrapod hips, as a rule, are held firmly to the spine by ligaments and a group of fused ribs called the sacrum.
Jack's current need for a spine required breaking down that single block.
She had sustained no injuries to her brain, skull, or spine where latent infection might hide.
Their axons can go great distances, the longest ones extending all the way from the toes to the base of the spine.
Under a microscope, they measured the length of the longest spines and the size of the entire spine-bearing area.
It's time to grow a spine, time for boldness, time for innovation.
He suffered from a degenerative disc disease of the lumbar and cervical spine.
He had a kind of curve in his spine, and his entire posture indicated that he was exhausted.
The army was the spine of the revolution, and the civil power was forced to subordinate itself to the military.
The violent collision ripped his skull from his spine, resulting in what doctors call internal decapitation.
The older you get, the more likely you are to injure your spine on the links.
When you break your neck and sever your spine, leaving your legs and hands paralyzed, you don't expect to drive a car.
Oh, this is the best one, a vampire snuck up on the anchor and removed part of his spine.

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