spinal column in a sentence

Example sentences for spinal column

Finding pieces of the spinal column joined together eliminates guesswork over how they articulated in life.
All of her tiny ribs were positioned, as in life, along a sinuous spinal column.
Most of her tiny ribs were positioned, as in life, along a sinuous spinal column.
Carter had been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal column.
He then used a cutting cautery to burn through the tissues that lie above the spinal column.
She did a spinal tap so she could get some fluid out of his spinal column to see if it was infected.
The denser central structures--heart, spinal column, and great vessels--look white.
The dyes illuminated a specific region where the back of the fish's brain meets the top of its spinal column.
People who believe that they're using an anaesthetic cream have reduced pain signalling in their spinal column.
Meningitis is a bacterial or viral infection that attacks the tissues that cover the brain and spinal column.
Muscles surrounding the spinal column can become inflamed or strained.
It can also help prevent weak vertebrae from becoming fractured by strengthening the bones in your spinal column.
The sight that met his gaze caused a cold shiver to run up and down his spinal column.
The doctor uses a long, thin needle to remove fluid from the lower part of the spinal column.
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