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Not so long ago, a spinal cord injury meant life in a wheelchair with little chance for improvement.
Other studies have also shown that stem cells can heal spinal damage.
The goal is to help those who have lost muscle movement because of spinal cord injuries.
Most of her tiny ribs were positioned, as in life, along a sinuous spinal column.
Similar studies have suggested stem cells' potential for conditions such as diabetes and spinal cord injury.
All of her tiny ribs were positioned, as in life, along a sinuous spinal column.
Welsh's spinal cord escaped damage, and doctors decided to let the wound heal without surgery.
Consisting of both grey and white matter, the cerebellum transmits information to the spinal cord and other parts of the brain.
Suffering from a spinal cord injury, he decides to give the horse a cortisone shot.
Selection pressure for this efficient style of locomotion favored longer and more flexible spinal columns.
Finding pieces of the spinal column joined together eliminates guesswork over how they articulated in life.
In the future these same technologies could restore hearing or vision, even grow new nerves or repair spinal cord damage.
For information on how this procedure is performed, see spinal tap.
The spinal cord extends out of the base of the skull through the vertebrae of the spinal column.
It is not as if business students are taking electives in gerbil spinal manipulation.
Other applications could include electrically stimulated repairs to spinal injuries or controlling drug delivery inside the body.
At first she closed her eyes, missing the vital spinal gap where her dagger had to fall.
Football these days is apparently safer than soccer in terms of spinal and neck injuries.
Surgeons don't do spinal fusions because they're evil and avaricious.
It will work with patients with severe spinal cord injuries.
The nerve cells in the ganglia of the spinal nerves are pyriform in shape, and have each a single process.
The nerves composing it are numerous, and contain a large proportion of spinal nerve fibers.
Our history is so full of spinal, modern, germinal subjects-one above all.
The tiny zebrafish had already impressed scientists with its ability to regenerate damaged spinal cord, retina and fin tissues.
Scientists are especially interested in harnessing this versatility to repair damaged spinal cords and brains.
The nervous system radiates outward from the spinal cord the nerves often accompanying arteries and veins.
There are receptors located in the skin, in the brain and in the spinal cord, so it's extremely complicated.
There is a gene in your body's cells that plays a key role in early spinal cord development.
But for some confounding reason the central nervous system--the brain and spinal cord--remained untouched.
Or individuals whose brains are almost entirely dissolved in spinal fluid showing normal intelligence.
One deals with the meaningful integration of experience at the spinal level, synapse by synapse.
In rare instances, the worm causes potentially deadly meningitis, an infection of the fluid that bathes the spinal cord and brain.
Grants for research on spinal-cord injuries and disorders of the central nervous system.
Special expertise in spinal cord electrophysiology, pharmacology, and behavioral tests of acute and chronic pain.
Since it may be related to the spinal problems, it's possible that surgery may be in the offing for that after all.
Because of the size of the curve, my doctor is referring me to a spinal surgeon.
It can be done from the waist down with a spinal block.
Another has had both hips and knees replaced, spinal fusion, and is talking about shoulder replacement.
He planned to see if any part of the spinal cord had reorganized anatomically as a result of his behavioral experiments.
It also involves the spinal cord and nervous system, and more generally the endocrine system and all your organs.
Carter had been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal column.
Many suffered broken bones or serious spinal injuries.
Technology doesn't yet exist to reattach the spinal cord, which means the patient is left paralyzed from the neck down.
The wire slipped easily enough through the spinal cord holes in each vertebrae, yet was firm enough to keep the neck in position.
The workshop is currently used to build lung, spinal cord, and deep-brain stimulators.
Until recently, severe spinal cord injuries came with a fairly definite diagnosis of paralysis, whether partial or complete.
Furthermore, the work suggests that this growth factor may help with spinal-cord injuries as well.
Viruses that mimic supportive nerve tissue may someday help regenerate injured spinal cords.
For example, earlier this year, one group showed that spinal neurons in rats can actually conduct light.
During spinal-cord injuries and some types of stroke, the information relay system between the brain and muscles is disrupted.
For instance, the conductive plastic might function as an electric splice, bridging gaps caused by spinal injury.
Injury to nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, once considered permanent, may be reversible after all.
She did a spinal tap so she could get some fluid out of his spinal column to see if it was infected.
The night team thought it might be meningitis, so they did a spinal tap.
Then there's a lot in animal trials: intestines, spinal cords, vocal cords.
If the spinal cord were compressed enough to cause total body numbness, there should be arm or leg weakness too.
Figuring out how they work could help in promoting nerve regeneration in humans with spinal cord injuries.
They did a spinal tap on her, a blood culture, and they never did diagnose what it was.
Most of the spinal-cord injured, however, are not doctors.
After rushing me to the hospital and seeing me go through two spinal taps, my parents heard the dreaded diagnosis: polio.
They work by throwing up roadblocks all along the pain pathway from the nerve endings in the skin to the spinal cord to the brain.
Spinal manipulation is the signature therapy of chiropractic care involving manual adjustment of joints in the neck and back.

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