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Spin magazine may represent a certain edge when it comes to covering the music scene.
Setbacks come without warning, and there's often nothing to do but spin again.
What is impressive is the rate at which the particles spin.
Let the egg spin for a moment, then stop it and immediately release it.
Caterpillars that live in treetops typically crawl or jump or rappel down silk threads to the ground, where they spin cocoons.
Spin in a salad spinner or dry carefully between towels, or else you'll have a bowl of sogginess.
Coaches handed out cash and sent text messages telling players how to spin their stories to the police.
Air whips past the blades of a turbine, forcing it to spin.
These spiders spin large webs in which females suspend a cocoon with hundreds of eggs.
Similarly, her rotation slows when she extends her arms at the conclusion of the spin.
Then put your own spin on the masterpieces as you spend time sketching a few of your favorites.
So of course you spin and you make the platform you were jumping to disappear.
Seriously, that's some ninja-grade spin right there.
Or, to help them let off steam, they might offer an annual spin with that gas-guzzling sports-utility vehicle of their dreams.
Up in the cloud, the rising and falling winds began to spin faster and faster.
They note that real spiders can spin their silk at a more leisurely pace because they start with a more viscous silk solution.
No matter who tries to spin them, they do not lie when their reality of relativity is shown.
Snippets of spider genes let mutant silkworms spin silk stronger than steel.
Intellectual honesty doesn't have a left or right spin.
His keenness to spin a good yarn sometimes pushed him into the realm of cliché.
The action of eating matter speeds up the pulsar's spin to hundreds of rotations a second.
If you have advice to add about putting a new spin on your ceiling fan, log in and contribute.
And more honesty and less political spin would be mandated in scientific affairs, thus returning matters to the pre-Bush era.
The frequency needed to do this can then be compared with that which flips the spin of an ordinary hydrogen atom.
Faster spin cycles rid clothes of more water and aid in drying times.
Fermions and bosons differ by the property known as spin.
Polls run by news sites to gauge public opinion of politicians are turning into partisan tools for political spin doctors.
Much of the time, journalists spin tales entirely devoid of history.
Future storage devices might also be inspired by giant magnetoresistance, which relies on a property of electrons called spin.
The fast spin is also put down to an impact by another body such as a large asteroid around a billion years ago.
They also have the benefit of faster spin times, which means your clothes dry faster.
IN spite of popular misconception, an airplane accident due to a spin is almost non-existent.
Always spin your weakness into something positive if they ask that dreaded question about your weakness.
Air that gets pulled up into a storm can sometimes begin to spin.
The spin creates a gyroscopic effect, stabilizing the flight of the ball through the air.
Letters of recommendation are critically important when you're trying to spin a narrative that's somewhat unconventional.
The suspension of services sent relations between the two neighbours into a spin.
Spin a good story so our kids think they are fighting and dying for freedom, rather than some fat billionaires wallet.
Consider it your private internship in fact-gathering and choosing not to spin the truth.
Elsewhere it refers to damage limitation, a task for spin doctors.
They harness steam from hot water to spin turbines and create electricity.
The hospital wouldn't have a record of a visit, but it would be an entirely different spin on unethical.
The chap in the wig or the white shoes has an incentive to spin things out for as long as possible.
Partnerships represent a positive spin but are unlikely to prove any more effective than they do in the business world.
With school pupils taking part, things could spin out of control.
There's no way they'd miss the connection between the two of you, so that you'd prefer to spin it yourself first.
You'll be punished so quickly it'll make your head spin.
Now some skaters can spin four times before landing, one footed, on the ice.
Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves of change.
Sometimes it is true, sometimes is is a lie or a spin.
See the facts on the ground, and not the spin that goes round in your circles.
In fact, a lack of spin is about the only identifying characteristic of the pitch.
Each is loaded with political spin that aims to portray its side in the best light possible.
Go ahead, give the video below a spin-pun fully intended.
Seasons arise when the axis of a planet's spin is tilted relative to the plane of the planet's orbit.
Upon returning to the chair she spin one revolution counter-clockwise.
They determined that vortices that form within the cloud act as centrifuges, which spin heavier droplets outwards.
The air would spin a turbine, which would then get things rolling.
Moon formation and spin rate are heavily affected by large late formation collisions.
Another defense for missiles would be to spin rapidly so that the heat is distributed.
The easy-to-find resources with water hot enough to flash and directly spin turbine blades have all been developed.
Do not believe the spin of advertising, your running costs do not increase.
As they put their arms out they spin slower because the hands have farther to go.
As the hands come closer to the trunk the faster they spin because the hands travel a shorter distance.
The spin can be oriented up or down, representing a one or zero.
The fans spin slower and juice in the battery isn't used to scorch your lap.
If you pump water past the material, the water turns to steam, which can spin a turbine to make electricity.
Yet spin aside, these efforts hardly can be deemed successful.
The absorbing electron necessarily absorbs the photon's energy, spin and momentum.
Then, if other conditions are right, the thunderstorm could spin out one or more tornadoes.
Take these calculators for a spin and see which one you prefer.
TiVo announcements provide sunny spin for dreary financial news app.
And free kick specialists will not be able to put as much spin on the ball because the thin air offers less grip to change course.
The gang that gamed them put a fresh spin on phishing, the art of tricking users into clicking on a poisoned link.
Spin-offs are solely reliant on the markets to continue funding them, which is a risky proposition if you study history.
If the new tree is a better fit for the leaves, it is taken as the starting point for the next spin.
The system could right itself or spin out of human control.
The results will be subject to ferocious political spin.
Spin-offs from the book, serious and less so, are legion.
They spin off subsidiaries, provide experience to employees who then decide to go it alone, and nurture dozens of suppliers.
Each of these used mini rockets to spin and eject outward four discs the size of ice-hockey pucks.
Environmentalists efforts to fight spin with spin seem to have spun out of control.
On the water, a stone's spin keeps it poised on its trailing edge, rather than somersaulting.
Both the ball's spin-its action as it bounces off the table-and its speed.
The electrons in this configuration all have the same spin.
The same songs spin endlessly, often programmed by computer in some distant city and sent via satellite to local transmitters.
It's too slow for the dance floor, but too cool-headed to spin at a party.
First, that's an impressively positive spin on a bad day, so points for creativity.
The chart above puts a particularly depressing spin on the current job market situation.
Walking away from the revenues, profits, and cash streams these brands spin off is unfathomable from an investor perspective.
Don't buy the spin from his camp that a drawn-out campaign makes for a better general-election candidate.
These have small wheels or drums that spin across the page and print at a phenomenal rate.
In conventional wind turbines, the blades spin a shaft that is connected through a gearbox to the generator.
By shining polarised light on the flakes he can make them spin and accurately measure their rate of rotation.
The molded, hardened polymer is then spin-coated with a biocompatible dextran glue.
There's no spin, because he really can't explain himself.
Day did her best to maintain a smile as they stood before the media, trying to put a happy spin on the grim affair.
They were free agents-it was in their own self-interest to spin the story to say they were tricked.
Electron spin is a fundamental property, in addition to basic electrical charge, that can be used in electronic circuits.
Global spin's weekend selection of five rental movies to bring you up to speed on the past week's events.
In any case, it's a jaw-dropper in this era of micro-managed, spin-the-message celebrity.

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