spillover in a sentence

Example sentences for spillover

Perhaps some millennial spillover runs through the makeup of what is now one of the world's ticking hot spots.
Turns out, the spillover cardiac stem cells somehow repair the pancreas.
News industry's depression has spillover implications.
The initiative is motivated largely by national security concerns but is expected to have spillover economic benefits.
Most of the routes built as a result of the mania eventually proved viable, and the spillover effects were immense.
But the actual figure could be much higher, depending on spillover effects and the response from the private sector.
So far, there has been no sign of such a spillover effect this time around.
Part of it also can be traced to a me-too spillover from the diagnostic arena.
Minimizing displacement by maximizing the spillover gap.
Of course there is violence along the border- spillover of criminal organizations and spillover crime and intimidation.
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