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Example sentences for spill

Especially with the way the plants below it seem to spill rebelliously out onto the sidewalk.
Sprays of catmint spill over a stone retaining wall.
Let plants tumble over rocks or spill from niches in dry rock walls.
The way the leaves emerge from the center and spill out and curl under.
The bees nearest to the spill clustered around, cleaning the top bars madly.
As long as you're careful not to spill, the computer can get you a great culinary education.
In some of the more popular places, the local crowds spill happily out into the street.
At this time there is no effective plan if a catastrophe such as a ship collision or oil spill occurs.
Science isn't going to cure cancer by next week or clean up the gulf oil spill overnight.
We must keep the windows shut or they'll spill into the apartment.
All proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to help support oil spill-related relief efforts.
The recession and now the oil spill mean money is scarce for both students and colleges.
The same principles spill over to faculty performance.
We spill out of ourselves, fully inhabiting not only our bodies and minds but also the space around us.
She could spill the beans and let students know things were unstable, but she chose not too.
They do enough to stay in school and spend the rest of their time trying not to spill the bong.
Unfortunately the size of this oil spill makes is fairly difficult to see how effective any of these efforts are doing.
Opponents of the expansion are pointing to the spill as timely evidence of safety concerns over offshore oil extraction.
The scent of petrol is coming from an oil spill that happened last month.
BP and it's partners ought to cover the full cost of the spill, to include losses borne by the fishing and tourism industries.
As the sun sets, more and more people spill into the square.
BP is countering the oil spill with unprecedented amounts of dispersants.
Debates over representation and cultural difference rarely spill into violence.
The immediate fear was of what would happen if a there was a chemical spill.
Brown hopes the insights gleaned from this work can spill into other areas.
Other structures ensure that any excess charge produced by bright lighting conditions doesn't spill out into neighboring pixels.
The company made executives available for interviews, but they obviously didn't want to spill all the beans.
Shrimpers are not sure what to expect in terms of the oil spill's effects on the product-or on demand.
The first sets off at a good pace, but after a hundred metres the rats have chewed through the bag and spill onto the course.
The book is irrepressible, the exuberant spill of a born scribbler.
He throws great parties that spill into the street and attract the city's best musicians.
What to do if a spill or discharge occurs or is discovered.

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