spiky in a sentence

Example sentences for spiky

He's fortyish, lean and tall, with spiky hair and expensive-looking eyewear.
Spiky defensiveness has given way to profuse apologies.
Apparently the fruit's sweet, creamy center is a treasure worth pursuing if you can bear the stink and get past the spiky husk.
When the hot lava met the cold water it cooled and hardened, creating the spiky headlands and narrow bays seen today.
His look now is gelled and spiky, with a beard and untucked shirt.
Stinging wasps, toxic spiders, and spiky caterpillars are all on the mantids' menu.
From there, it was a steep scramble up terrain snarled with thickets of slide alder and spiky devil's club.
They are scaleless fish and usually have rough to spiky skin.
Each spiky point is a subdued representation of the magnetic lines.
Spiky yucca punctuates this conservation garden visitable by appointment.
Miniature carnations and spiky fir needles create a wreath that's both fragrant and strikingly elegant.
Grow these striking plants for their large leaves as well as their spiky flowers.
Perhaps that spiky relationship is what gives this book its marvelously pugnacious tone.
These are loose, gawky glyphs of spiky, unidentifiable flora or fauna.
Mega-region hubs are becoming more economically central to our spiky world.
Crowds of pink asters lolled against the cardoons, spiky five-foot plants with exuberant gray-green foliage.
Wu and her colleagues soon found that spiky silicon absorbs nearly all the light that falls on it.
On the bottom of the females' tank is a white, spiky formation: squid eggs in their cases.
Their remarkable skin can change texture, becoming spiky or smooth on a whim.
There are spiky projections in the picture of the inner core on opposite ends at about one and seven o'clock.
The outside should be spiky as random early broadcasts went sporadically in random directions.
Her coxcomb of tough, spiky hair shivered as she launched into a torrent of accusation.
The two firms are bombarding one another in barbed letters and spiky press conferences.
Hotels, airlines and subways routinely ban the green, spiky fruit.
Coronaviruses, so called because of their spiky crown of protein globules, are generally not mortally harmful.
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