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In film criticism, the blogosphere is the true sphere of influence.
Oceanographers say the new sphere will help open the sea's depths.
Theory suggests that this cloud should be an almost perfect sphere.
People have reported seeing ball lightning-a rare phenomenon that resembles a glowing sphere of electricity-for hundreds of years.
Instead, he suggested it was an oblate spheroid-a sphere that is squashed at its poles and swollen at the equator.
Water drops are usually ellipsoidal in shape and are less able than a sphere to concentrate light.
On it, he welds small sections of pipe to embed in the surface of a bronze sphere.
We have scrubbed the public sphere so clean, it is sometimes useful to get a dose of non-euphemized reality.
In fact, many mathematicians have contemplated sphere packing.
The outer sphere has six domes, each color-coded to match one of the marbles.
It hypothesizes that any three-dimensional space without holes is essentially a sphere.
The public sphere of museum education demands a high level of energy.
The work is high-profile and steady, and it translates nicely into the commercial sphere.
The freedom that qubits have to roam across the entire sphere helps to give quantum computers their unique capabilities.
Now imagine a moon apple: a hollow sphere of lunar light.
First, we're rapidly losing our sense of the public sphere.
With the prospects for the armed struggle looking poor, new attention is likely to turn to the political sphere.
Everything should either be reflected back into the sphere or absorbed in the density.
Each sphere must be perfect, or the motion it facilitates will come to a grinding halt.
They were then shown a cube and a sphere and asked which was which.
The first is that a healthy democracy requires a vibrant sphere of public political debate.
The instant the hot sphere reaches the critical temperature is marked an explosion of tiny bubbles.
The growth of such property dramatically extends the private police's sphere of activity.
But his contributions to the scientific sphere were equally impressive.
Things don't seem to be improving much in this sphere.
The adaptation of sphere is fascinating and universal.
The instant the hot sphere reaches the critical temperature is marked an explosion.
But the restaurant on top of the sphere closed two months ago for lack of business.
In this advanced type of bomb, a sphere of nuclear material is compressed inward at the core to cause an explosion.
But it is in the economic sphere that emotionally charged opinions matter most.
So these loaded terms have an unestablished first cause which forever puts them outside the sphere of science.
You'd get more protection from a football helmet than the entire planet's magnetic sphere.
Inside that canister is a sphere containing the fuel: two isotopes of hydrogen called deuterium and tritium.
If you trap in a small sphere some gas or you make it empty void.
The sphere, about the size of a softball, is protected by blocks of foam.
Any spinning sphere that it is not entirely spherical should wobble in this way.
Science should not be political, yet since all scientists are human, politics sadly comes to play in their sphere as well.
Their paper outlines the approach and simulates how well a dodecahedral cloak can hide a sphere.
My father loved privacy, which is to say: he respected the public sphere.
The three faces of a proton: sphere, peanut, and bagel.
The sphere represents the event horizon, or the point of no return.
When the sphere is slightly deformed by an electric charge, light enters.
Similarly, you can rotate a two-dimensional disk around in a third dimension and get a sphere.
Likewise, the surface of a sphere of higher dimensions is proportional to the radius cubed.
The torus, a sphere with a hole in the middle, is a different form.
When you draw a circle, you are in effect making a two-dimensional outline of a three- dimensional sphere.
As the skin expands, it engulfs the fish's tail and fins, forming a nearly perfect sphere.
The original star would be reduced to a huge sphere of hot gas enveloping the inner planets.
Its effects were limited to language-but within that narrow sphere, its effects were profound.
That's far too small to shape itself into a sphere by gravity, so it's lumpy and irregular.
It's not really a circle, of course: it's a sphere, or more properly a spherical shell.
It's not possible unless the room is a sphere, nor is it possible for a photon in a crystal made of flat lattice planes.
In cross-section, they could form the cap of a sphere.
It is therefore worth noting that many testing pioneers thought of themselves as progressives in the social sphere.
In free society art is not a weapon, and it does not belong to the sphere of polemics and ideology.
My morality is not the morality of the public sphere.
But she soon discovered the hazards of an ideology that insisted on politicizing every sphere of life.
Outside the sphere of literature only one aspect of individuals is revealed.
Commentators in the public sphere are increasingly adopting similar views.
She was tall and graceful and seemed to live in a higher, calmer sphere than the rest of us.
There's a perception that green living exists in some sort of elitist sphere.
In the political sphere the project was gaining momentum.
Focusing on excellent standards in the social and environmental sphere leads to economic benefit.
We need the public sphere to step up and subsidize the alternatives, a few dedicated bike trails go a long way.

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