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First, different sensors tend to spew out information in different, mutually incomprehensible formats.
They spew hot water for the same reasons that land-based geysers do.
Thawing permafrost may soak up greenhouse gas before it begins to spew it out.
Deep in the oceans, hydrothermal vents spew superheated water full of dissolved minerals.
The energy crushed the capsule instantly, causing it to spew a shower of neutrons.
They said it would spew toxic substances and carcinogens into the air.
Automobiles, such as this bus seen in a file photo, spew exhaust that deposits metallic fragments on leaves.
Not all volcanoes spew ash and lava directly into the air or land.
Their nights are lit only by the gas flares atop the oil rigs, which spew out pollutants that cause acid rain.
Not any sooner with sites that spew wads of useless statistical data at you.
Blowers spew multiple allergens into the air, ripe for inhalation.
The hydrothermal vents spew a toxic brew of boiling water, sulfur, and metal compounds.
Such cancers typically spew mucus containing tumor cells into the abdominal cavity.
They spew empty, out of touch words, and do nothing to solve social issues.
They've adapted to thrive at the edge of hydrothermal vents, which spew superheated water saturated with toxic chemicals.
However, coals are messy and harder to lug around, and they spew smoke.
Publicly, our politicians spew catch phrases intended to scare or anger their so-called bases.
Submerged volcanoes spew a different set of gases than those that erupt into the air.
One reason is a phenomenon called feedback-as galaxies accrete matter, they also spew gas back out into space.
Thats it no matter what propaganda you can spew out to deny it.
Collectively they spew nearly a billion and a half tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year.
The result would be a steam explosion that would spew vast amounts of radiation.
In tinkering with the body's hormonal balance, fructose also causes the liver to spew more fat into the bloodstream than normal.
Volcanoes are full of surprises-dangerous ones that spew out when they erupt.
Go read and learn before you spew out ignorant theories.
If they continued to spew excess calories on the public, they would risk losing favorable tax treatments.
To spew so much bile over such a petty subject is a sad thing.
Scientists may have an answer to why certain volcanoes spew forth lava that doesn't match with their predictions.
The central bank does not actually have to use a press to spew out crisp notes.
Subways were not crushed, and gas mains did not spew geysers of flame.
Some of these peaks have been known to spew gas plumes that spontaneously combust, sending tongues of fire high into the sky.
It is so laughable it made me spew coffee all over my monitor.
Read the whole thing cover to cover and be able to spew the nuances of the entire argument with fine detail on a moment's notice.
When they asked questions, he'd spew smoke and saliva suggesting the question was obnoxious or inappropriate.
They thought she was a computer program made to spew spam.
The process starts as volcanic gashes spew hot rock that spreads out across the seabed.
Those white blood cells in turn spew out highly active molecules that change the biology of the artery wall, leading to plaque.
Other businesses, such as health care and security systems, continue to spew cash.
But two-stroke engines tend to spew out more unburned fuel in the exhaust, which is why the four-stroke design became more common.
Volcanoes can spew out clouds of ash, spreading a cooling sunshade over the planet.
Now these so called story tellers only spew the silliest stories glorifying silly philosophies.
Deep under the ocean's surface, these rocky chimneys spew out superheated water and hydrogen-rich gases.
Contrary to the lies they spew through fudged data, the truth is that coal is the greenest fuel on the planet.
Sault knows nothing about about power systems yet persists in his ignorant spew.
Each of these would create and spew out heavier elements that would sometimes form planets.
Digital disks spew out a data stream at the dizzying rate of more than a million bits per second.
If the fuel catches fire, it could spew radiation over a large area.
Never can tell when you might spew out a line or two worth printing somewhere.
One is that there are no vents on the bottom of the laptop to spew heat.
Diesel engines can be more than twice as efficient, but they spew soot and pollutants into the air.

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