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His spendthrift ways with our money were replaced with miserly ways with his own.
Spendthrift provisions often prevent a beneficiary from selling or transferring their ownership interest in the trust.
And politicians, spendthrift as some may be, are not the main source of the problem.
There are those with spendthrift genotypes and those with thrifty genotypes.
But new data seem to show that people are not nearly as spendthrift and heedless of the future as is commonly believed.
Quite right too, say those with traditional distaste for the spendthrift.
He's in poor health and the spendthrift habits he picked up during his glory years have left him deep in debt.
Spendthrift people with high incomes can have a negative net worth, and thus surely not count as rich in any meaningful sense.
The commission's response has been to seek more power to monitor countries' fiscal policies and penalise the spendthrift.
Inflation was tamed, and spendthrift local and federal governments were required by law to rein in their debts.
The southern countries are too inefficient and spendthrift.
All the stimulus in the world is not going to turn a now-cautious, snakebit consumer into a spendthrift.
If you are a user that loves to consume lots and lots of bits, you should pay for your spendthrift usage.
And see his treasure scattered by the wild and spendthrift breeze.
But the administration hopes to encourage our spendthrift ways.
Spendthrift politicians could exploit such uncertainty.
Both briefs concentrated on whether or not the trust was a spendthrift instrument.
The validity of spendthrift trusts created by the settlor for the benefit of others has been recognized.
However, the evidence established that the spendthrift provisions in the plans are not enforceable.
Spendthrift provisions for beneficiaries other than the settlor.

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