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You'll get the look of a pricey oversize mirror without spending the cash.
She found herself spending more and more time in the garden and, finally, walked away from her career.
In today's economy, spending less doesn't have to mean getting less.
We had been spending too much time in crowded, confined, urban places.
Absorb the park's immense beauty by spending a night beneath the stars.
Instantly, it became clear to me why she's spending all her time in the nesting box.
But mustangs, she realized from spending months among them, are not ordinary horses.
Spending on unemployment benefits rises while tax receipts from incomes falls.
Drugs' role in driving this spending is more complex.
Deficit spending, they say, simply soaks up capital which would otherwise have been spent by the private sector.
To start with, it is not inevitable that spending will keep on going up.
And the government has pledged to ramp up spending on health, education and other social-welfare programmes.
But great as our tax burden is, it has not kept pace with public spending.
If so, let him go on spending, and he will soon become a millionaire.
Large-scale military spending draws off resources needed for investment and civilian consumption.
As a result of heavy spending from the trust funds, the government faces virtual bankruptcy.
The markets created by the manufacturing population have erected agriculture into a great thriving and spending industry.
And they don't coordinate their spending plans to allow such a finely balanced ledger.
Even if you've got money to burn on gifts, you're probably spending less.
It also peels away layers of spending that aren't directly related to student learning.
Simply by spending time in orbit, astronauts reveal much more about how humans can live and work in space.
But after spending five days trapped in its depths, he knew getting out alive would require drastic action.
Greening the office does not mean spending a lot of money or eliminating creature comforts in the name of sustainable living.
And that means smart travelers can vacation on one of these floating cities without spending a fortune.
Elephant seals migrate in search of food, spending months at sea and often diving deep to forage.
The economies are in the tank and fossil fuels and generate consumer spending the economy.
R&D spending can be a good sign for investors to monitor.
Knowing that such euphoria could be financially perilous, an individual might be able to put the brakes on his or her spending.
Plus, spending more time at work could mean spending less time caring for sick family members.
For years, he plied them with food and drinks in return for lessons, sometimes spending a fifth of his meager pay.
There are two competing stories about government spending in the recession.
The current debt ceiling fracas stems from one thing, and it's not spending.
In democracies, there is almost always a political incentive to ignore excess spending.
Consequently, spending is intrinsically connected to a number of the factors noted above.
On one hand, lots of shopping during the weekend often foreshadows more spending during the remainder of the holiday season.
The starting point must be to stick to the announced cuts in current spending.
In fact, their spending isn't even close to that of the unions.
Last year, the mechanics of independent political spending mutated drastically, and we're all acutely aware of it.
By zeroing out deficit spending on the war, you reduce the deficit.
Finally, government spending cuts continued to make matters worse.
Carefree spending, huge tax cuts, and-above all-unalterable demographic facts have put us all in a box.
Health-care spending will essentially devour all our future wage increases and economic growth.
But in the middle of a severe recession steep spending cuts and tax increases can be disastrous.
It also takes away spending power-not the best thing during a recession.
In other words, when stock prices fall, companies' investment spending seems to fall as well.
Eg, higher taxes on the rich, short-term spending on infrastructure.
Our priorities on national spending could use some major overhauling.
While some of the projects in the bill make sense, their legislation is larded with wasteful spending.
Evolutionary theory has infiltrated the social sciences, where it has been used to explain human politics and spending habits.
The few astronomers who even attempted to look for them languished in obscurity, spending years in fruitless searching.
Mike, you're arguing for spending resources on human needs instead of basic science.
Cutting the debt would require that, plus a re-examination of spending priorities.
They were also less anxious and more likely to take risks, such as spending long periods of time in bright light or open spaces.
Companies are spending more on social and collaboration software, as new tools compete for workers' attention.
Telecommunications companies are spending billions to prepare high-speed mobile wireless networks.
They do have a proven track record of spending it wisely and staying within budget.
Meanwhile, software makers have waited for the hardware to become available before spending money on development.
Other countries similarly have undeveloped reserves and are spending billions to develop them.
Perpetual spending increases on defense have not always been taken for granted.
Cutting defense spending is not the same as cutting domestic spending.
Three generations later, a lawsuit by his free-spending great-grandson is shaking the foundations of that mighty family fortune.
The emphasis on where federal spending occurs usually shifts, but total federal spending never decreases.
Not spending more time with my parents when they were alive.
It is this affluence, and the unnecessary spending that it sucks you into, that is driving much of the destruction of the planet.
Spending and tax changes do not occur by chance out of the blue.
Interest on the rising debt caused by the health-spending deficit is the other big contributor to alarmist debt estimates.
To do this, policymakers around the world need to do two things: get credit flowing again and prop up spending.
The net effect of our debt-ceiling debate is now clear: there will be large spending cuts, starting soon.
So for all its supposed radicalism, it's actually quite weak at outlining reductions in government spending.
Deficits will continue to increase, as will spending.

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