spelunking in a sentence

Example sentences for spelunking

Well, he didn't have the energy to go spelunking tonight.
There are several caverns for spelunking in the hills.
Take advantage of this well-kept secret by practicing your spelunking there sooner rather than later.
Some of the past trips have included spelunking, white water rafting, horseback riding and hot-air balloon riding.
More advanced cavers can try rappelling and spelunking.
Spelunking and caving, along with backpacking into remote areas to camp, are popular activities within the region.
With spelunking becoming an ever increasing popular sport, bats are moving from these areas to mines to avoid disturbance.
Spelunking, the sport of cave exploring, is a popular hobby.
Go spelunking with a partner, and make sure you have proper working equipment.
For ecotourism enthusiasts, spelunking and trekking are possible activities that may put travelers at higher risk for exposure.
Students go spelunking into caverns, followed by panning for rocks and minerals.
Spelunking, or cave exploration, is also available in the area.
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