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The spelling variant that has gained in usage so much that it has lost its kinkiness is luv.
Explain that writing and spelling words are learned behaviors.
By looking at the lists, they were to find pairs of words that were similar in either meaning or spelling.
All sorts of dictionaries have been written, trying to capture the accent and its spelling.
Both you and your opponent will be spelling from the same list of letters, but you may have a different number of letter cards.
Punctuation is down, and spelling standards are down.
Don't worry about spelling or punctuation until you are through writing your poem.
They used few abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons, the spelling was reasonably good and contractions were not ubiquitous.
She didn't know that adults don't have spelling bees.
The ethical case against corruption is too obvious to need spelling out.
As you'll see from my notes on the pages, the copy editor does more than check basic spelling and grammar.
Please chalk up mistakes in spelling to my big fingers being married to small keyboards.
She also has a blog, where she posts frequent updates, complete with spelling mistakes.
The variety in spelling can muddle even native speakers.
It also gives me an opportunity to teach phonics and spelling.
Even after correcting for spelling the sentence makes no sense.
Then there's the havoc wrought on spelling and punctuation by all this casual communication.
In my personal experience the more senior the economist, the more baneful their spelling.
She did, however, promise to correct the spelling errors.
His continuation of spelling an author's name incorrectly after he has been informed of this speaks volumes about his intent.
They changed either the spelling of their surnames or took on new ones.
Without opening a new spelling controversy, forbearance is also misspelled in the article.
Thank you all for pointing out our errant spelling ways.
Hey, you forgot to complete the spelling of exa-something there.
PS pointing out spelling mistakes is petty and a clear sign of desperation.
Leave as little wiggle room as possible for the consultant by spelling out the terms in advance.
Maybe the initiative should add spelling literacy to its goals.
Basically, the spelling is up in the air as it's a transliteration of sounds from a language based on symbols.
The case is a little complicated, so it's worth spelling out in detail.
Grammar and spelling mistakes are included at the best accuracy possible.
They earn grades based on their performance in writing, but points are deducted for missing drafts or spelling errors.
Perhaps these designations derive not so much from geography as from spelling.
The fourth folio is not so free in making alterations, except in order to modernise the spelling.
He was profoundly interested in spelling reform, which he actively urged upon both the learned and the unlearned.
He introduced radical changes into its spelling and pronunciation, but he showed little understanding of its direction and genius.
But the essay is written poorly and riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes.
Introduce spelling mistakes into your utility bills.
It has a spelling and grammar check if you ask for it.
It may seem unnecessary to remind university professors to pay attention to proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
The grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be perfect and the writing clear and engaging.
For a polyglot, he is remarkably careless in his spelling of names.
The spelling of a psychological profession is counselor.
Please excuse my less then stellar typing and attention to spelling.
Your garbled spelling, incoherent thoughts and outright false statements certainly drove a stake into the heart of modern science.
Your poor spelling, red herrings, illogical deductions and flawed grammar prevent me from taking you quite seriously.
Both my short term and long-term memory were affected, so were word recall and spelling.
Jerry, it's a real pity that your tertiary education as a geologist excluded any semblance of spelling.
The lack of spelling and grammatical errors is throwing me off.
As the thread went on, the commenters replied to one another, sniping at spelling gaffes and crummy logic.
Most teachers expect to correct their students' spelling mistakes once in a while.
There will even be a radio and television campaign to encourage folks to look for grammatical errors and spelling booboos.
Hundreds of red, white and blue plastic cups are stuck into chain-link fencing, spelling out his name and framing his picture.
That's worth spelling out: twenty-eight point nine percent.
Coming onto a science website to complain about spelling.
The acids function as a kind of alphabet, spelling out the form and function of the protein.
Part of the problem is that despite countless interviews with reporters they have done a poor job of spelling out their views.
Thank you so much for spelling it all out in such great detail.
Bad spelling distracts from otherwise worthwhile statements.
Anchor, your comments are as ridiculous as your spelling.
Older students memorized the correct spelling, pronunciation and meaning of these words.

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