spellbound in a sentence

Example sentences for spellbound

But even those who did not were held spellbound by the swinging sonorous cadence.
He can spin a tale, keep the poem going through countless twists and turns of the plot, and hold us spellbound.
Even aged and nearly mute, pop's great bombshell could hold an audience spellbound.
Many visitors have been spellbound while watching the daily activities of the wildlife.
Kayakers sit spellbound, the world's only witnesses to orcas slicing still ocean waters.
His steady voice holds listeners spellbound and waiting for what will happen next.
Yet she brings it home and the fee is much newer than some the people spellbound.
They want to be spellbound, and literature can provide such seduction.

Famous quotes containing the word spellbound

...the people were spellbound by what they heard.... more
...the worst horror of the Russian Revolution was the letting loose of one hundred million orators, for their passion fo... more
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