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If people do not want poor evaluations, then perhaps they should sped some time learning how to teach.
Although the ocean has been slowly encroaching on the island for centuries, climate change has sped up the process.
As the railroads sped west, a new task arose: hunting down outlaws.
When a wound is healing, cell division must be sped up.
Also, although gas in space can slow craft, it would not explain why some probes apparently sped up.
Blind people can easily comprehend speech that is sped up far beyond the maximum rate that sighted people can understand.
Then again, some theorise that past cataclysms actually sped up evolution.
But now researchers have sped single electrons straight to their destinations using sound.
They found that the chemical sped up cholesterol movement by an order of magnitude.
The information theoretical thinking about genes sped up the research in genetics and molecular biology.
When they were lying down, the acceleration could have been sped up many times.
Some drink the local special, jet-five, so called because the fermentation of maize and sorghum is sped up with pilfered jet fuel.
And if reforms were sped up, growth might recover, inflation could fall and foreign investment would pick up.
Strange shapes constructed at lower levels were possible before computers sped up.
He sped up the plot, cut long descriptive scenes and the occasional entire chapter.
Here, protons are sped up to a smidgen below the speed of light, the equivalent of lighting a sizeable stick of dynamite.
One minute, the second hand is moving at one speed, and the next it has sped up or slowed down.
Deployments and combat result in an environment where evolution is sped up by a million and those that cannot adapt fail.
Slow science resonates with a sense many have that life has sped up and they cannot keep up.
Vehicles full of heavily armed police officers sped north.
The chemical reactions in solid-oxide cells are sped by a catalyst, usually nickel, in the anode.
He sped up the interaction speeds by a factor of hundreds.
The researchers calculate that the natural process can be sped up dramatically.
Warm gas moves faster than cool gas, and the heated helium sped free of the gravitational clutches of so-called dwarf galaxies.
Without a word, one of them jumped into his pickup truck with a pair of their four bodyguards and sped away.
Increased runoff from agricultural fertilizers and sewage has sped up the eutrophication process.
Although lakes naturally age and die, people have sped up the process by polluting the water.
Evolution sped up by two orders of magnitude with the invention of agriculture and civilization.
Once they've sped things up, they want to see if they can create neurons from actual patients with brain diseases.
So not only has the rate of duplication sped up in the ape dynasty, but the types of genes that have been copied have shifted too.
Her breathing rate sped up, and her whole body trembled.
These improvements helped to protect the occupants, sped up evacuation, and slowed the spread of fire.
In the meantime, the material falling on the pulsar sped up its rotation.
The weathering rate sped up again, and more greenhouse gas was converted to limestone.
He sped to third base, then rounded it, only to be caught off the bag by a laser from the outfield.
The moment the bomber sped out of firing range, he clambered onto the raft again.
The plane sped down the runway and suddenly the coast was below.
He climbed into a car with five or six others and sped off down the street.
So that the tamarins could hear the compositions on their own terms, he sped them up three octaves.
He slowed the game down, he sped it up when they got the momentum.
Some scenes, such as those showing the telescope moving, were shot with standard video and then sped up in editing.
Today, the world's glaciers are in retreat, sped up by relatively rapid warming of the globe.
The world has sped up, become more connected and a whole lot busier.
The number two and three browser vendors have all sped up their development cycles.
It's sped up slightly, as though sensing what will happen next.
For them, one study found, pot sped up the onset of the disease by three years and worsened symptoms too.
Such a mind could also be sped up by moving it to a faster computer.
The agent quickly realized he was dealing with locals, not drug-runners, and sped away.

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