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Example sentences for speculate

What would have been its course had the war not occurred it is perhaps fruitless to speculate.
Other paleontologists speculate feathers first evolved to retain heat.
One might speculate that some forms of government support have been more helpful and less destructive than others.
But it is also tempting to speculate about whether he really was a suicide.
Lunar water could be home-brewed, with some help from the sun, some scientists speculate.
Widespread famine and disease would likely follow, experts speculate.
After the de-fleshing process, the corpses had been neatly laid to rest on wide wooden shelves, the researchers speculate.
The researchers did not speculate as to the physiologic mechanism by which the exercise program was helpful.
Some observers speculate that as the civilian power structure weakens, the army will play a larger role.
The researchers speculate that writing about one's values can kick off a chain reaction.
Our virtue-and our vice-is to speculate about the state of the universe.
One could speculate that the emergence of a coherent self is, in some ways, a developmental accomplishment.
Silicon has the same subatomic quirk, which is why science-fiction writers speculate about silicon-based life.
Instead, they speculate that self-control is inherently aggravating.
It's interesting that you still speculate about other planets.
They cannot see the sky, so all they can do is speculate.
Some researchers speculate that some dolphins and whales use intense blasts of sound to blast fish or squid into insensibility.
Futurists and science-fiction writers speculate about a time when brain activity will merge with computers.
The scientists speculate that other big-billed birds may regulate their body temperatures this way.
First, people speculate that music was created through rhythmic movement-think: tapping your foot.
In the near term one can intelligently speculate, but the further out you get.
To not speculate is to not use the scientific method.
The scientists speculate that this behavior may allow the animals to stay spatially oriented.
They speculate on their own but modern science has since long moved beyond triviality of everyday conceptions.
The researchers speculate that longer-term meditation might be necessary to affect that area.
They speculate about the era before the big bang, and about other universes that might be mutant versions of our own.
Some folks speculate that a human brain may be so complex that it may not be able to understand itself.
He won't speculate what the new design could cost if it expands worldwide.
The authors speculate that such people are trying to raise their own profile, perhaps to secure a better job.
They had spent years lending stocks to hedge funds so they could speculate against overvalued companies.
Beyond that, they are understandably unwilling to speculate.
They may not wish to speculate on the destiny of the soul or the nature of sin.
It is only when you speculate with a clear knowledge of the unfavorable results for the clients that you shall be blamed.
Had he not been taken out, they speculate, the violence might have been even worse.
Nevertheless, it's delicious to speculate what might have gone through this president's mind as he looked back on that one.
As such, the researchers speculate, their diet would probably have consisted mainly of crawling insects.
The authors also speculate that the pressure of working and running a household is great.
Whenever deaths involve chemical causes, people immediately speculate about a shadowy poisoner at work.
Others speculate it is a secret facility designed to house extraterrestrial visitors.

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