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Political cookbooks come from all sides of the spectrum.
Rap and yelling make up the majority of air-play and attention for a wide age-spectrum.
Yet, recently, small groups who reflect extreme minority opinions across the political spectrum have turned to burning books.
And this is something that is true across the ideological spectrum.
It is based on the spectrum of notes that arise naturally from a vibrating string.
There are fans for all of these artists across the demographic spectrum.
He was out to expose the entire spectrum of current radical thought.
It's become gospel, because of the danger of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
All of the spectral lines are thus shifted towards the long wavelength part of the spectrum, or to the red end of the spectrum.
Your sister seems to be able to easily move along that spectrum.
Because they fall outside the visible spectrum, the human eye cannot perceive them.
The remaining dust envelope surrounding the star heats up and glows brightly in the infrared part of the spectrum.
It also frees up more spectrum for tinkering on unlicensed space.
So operators tend to lobby governments for more and better spectrum before investing in expensive kit.
Bosses bemoaned the downturn and demanded free radio spectrum to stimulate the industry.
It would be better, of course, if chlorophyll could absorb light across the whole of the visible spectrum.
Between physics and biology on the spectrum of fuzziness, though, lies chemistry.
In particular, thin cells fail to capture much light at the red end of the spectrum.
The agency was created in order to manage the nation's spectrum resources.
The genius of the cellular network is that it allowed much more efficient use of scarce radio spectrum.
Alcohol thus ranks at the dangerous end of the toxicity spectrum.
But the spectrum of emotion on the field runs equally in both directions.
Investors who are looking for yield have little choice but to move further out on the risk spectrum.
Typically, light therapy involves sitting in the glow of a light box which emits a spectrum of light mimicking daylight.
These are only several of the dozens of examples that can be found across the spectrum.
The narrative choices open to the prequel makers, therefore, exist on a spectrum from the unsurprising to the unfaithful.
Look for batches of homogeneous color, on the spectrum from green to gray.
While half of the sun's power lies in the visible spectrum, the other half lies in the infrared spectrum.
The cells are sensitive to light in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.
Because mummification was unintentional, the mummies represent a broad social spectrum of the community.
Air pollution can trigger or worsen a wide spectrum of respiratory and cardiovascular ailments.
Capturing any electrons at all from the high end of the energy spectrum requires a sustained sampling effort.
The team also discovered that the bat species had varying blood-alcohol contents, suggesting a spectrum of tolerance.
The spacing of collagen fibers in the tapetum determines which part of the spectrum is being reflected.
He punched up a series taken a few minutes apart through filters that brought out various parts of the light spectrum.
His expressive voice adds to the spectrum of musical elements at his command.
Pepper spray is toxic to a broad spectrum of invertebrates including beneficial insects.
Fireflies may not mate normally near incandescent light because it mimics the spectrum they create when they light up.
At the other end of the spectrum are vast, open-pit mines run by the world's largest mining companies.
There's so little fresh water and the volcanic landscape is so inhospitable, only a narrow, unique spectrum of creatures thrive.
Dark window film, however, blocks ultraviolet light by absorbing the entire spectrum.
With fewer bubbles, the ice absorbs light from the red end of the spectrum, leaving the blue to be reflected.
Remarkably, this faith in the power of education to make or break lives traverses the political spectrum.
Pressure is mounting to consider instead a broad spectrum of attributes.
Diversification puts the whole of this risk-reward spectrum to work for you, making for smoother overall returns.
It is a cultural formation that extends across the political spectrum.
The cultural-literacies project covers an eclectic spectrum of subjects.
These are people who can't be charted on an ideological spectrum.
At the opposite end of the spectrum is the ego-tripping star.
Today's hidden-microphone cameras are wireless, so this machine scans the broadcast spectrum to see whether any are transmitting.
If you have the spectrum and the licensing all taken care of, you will have little problem getting the investors.
Using less power and at lower prices, wireless spectrum can be employed far more efficiently.
By measuring the electromagnetic spectrum a substance absorbs or emits, you can determine its molecular composition.
We must, therefore, implement counter-insurgency operations across the spectrum.
Merwin's nonpunctuation is one extreme choice from a wide spectrum of possibility.
But the core meaning of what's happening on the darker side of the spectrum has intermittently slipped away.
German physicists and their families engaged in a wide spectrum of behavior.
His political views would become as extreme as his father's, though at the opposite end of the spectrum.
The area contains a wide spectrum of activities for visitors.
There's not a doubt in my mind that audiences across the spectrum will respond to the film's novel approach to sci-fi.
Further, the higher squeals of some dolphins and the low rumbles of some whales are beyond the human auditory spectrum.
Warped radio waves may satisfy the ballooning demand for spectrum space.
But since they are bright in the visible part of the spectrum they outshine the darker stars of the disk.
What are now called autism spectrum disorders are simply patterns of development that share some common features.
Kate's point about the difference between self-identified spectrum people versus who actually would fit is a really good point.
Reflects the visible spectrum, along with some of the low-frequency infrared.
Their orbits are similar in that they fall within a broad but defined spectrum of orbital configurations.
At one end of the spectrum, there seem to be decreased metabolic rates in prefrontal regions in sociopaths.
But in some places, it's so frigid that light can't radiate in the visible spectrum, which makes celestial bodies invisible.
Partisans on both flanks of the political spectrum do it all the time, and it never adds a whit to the discussion.
There is new tech on the horizon called full-spectrum solar cells using quantum micro-dotting.
While demand for wireless data grows exponentially, the supply of available radio spectrum remains stubbornly fixed.
The forest service's current system is similar but much less sophisticated: it only measures two portions of the light spectrum.
The problem with the phosphors is that they don't emit evenly across the visible spectrum.
Traditional solar cells respond only to a narrow spectrum of sunlight, making them highly inefficient.
Historically, engineers have designed these chips to work within only a small range of frequencies in the radio spectrum.
The article indicates that these devices will use the same spectrum as conventional wifi.
The sensor identifies the infrared absorption spectrum of a gas.
In addition to changing colors more rapidly, the material also covers a much wider color spectrum.
There is a spectrum in the air wave frequency that is the dirtiest spectrum known.

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