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Example sentences for spectre

We will walk without the spectre of hypocrisy to haunt our footfalls.
Unemployment is at the highest level in six years and the spectre of deflation has re-emerged.
The spectre of jobless growth haunts a government that has promised to cut unemployment.
However all this sure raises a spectre of a quicksand or a financial quagmire.
Set against the spectre of war is the reality of peace.
Tying an individual teacher's pay to his pupils' test scores raises the spectre of teaching to the test.
Some parents are already outraged by the imagined spectre of tracking.
The spectre of state failure is haunting hitherto calm locations too.
However, the spectre of deflation has still to be banished.
His appearance there could raise the spectre of north-south divisions and the continuation of violence.
Crucially however, it would fail to address the underlying problem: which is the spectre of illiquidity.
The real problem is the spectre of government ripping up contracts, which hurts existing investors and spooks potential ones.

Famous quotes containing the word spectre

Here lies the body of William Jones Who all his life collected bones, Till Death, that grim and boney spectremore
How does one kill fear, I wonder? How do you shoot a spectre through the heart, slash off its spectral head... more
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