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The technique can distinguish living from dead coral by detecting spectral differences in the light that the reefs reflect.
The galaxy orientation might help, depending on where your new friends came from and perhaps their visual spectral range.
The infrared spectral region is ideal for observing cool sources and objects enshrouded in dust.
Taking advantage of spectral constancy allows the user to hear speech despite changes to pitch.
The camera surveys the ice surface, searching for any clumps of matter and reading their spectral signatures.
They have got the spectral look of the grand-stands and the infield when the horses are exercised at dawn.
So the spectral selection is related to absorption, and not reflection as is sometimes thought.
For the moon sailed out of a cloud with the wake of a spectral ship.
The landscape was spectral in the light of the waning moon.
But crosstalk cancellation has always introduced audible spectral coloration.
If he remains a spectral figure, that is no coincidence.
So the system acted as a spectral and optical concentrator.
The effects of microwave are more a function of wavelength than spectral band.
As far as the record went, he was an unseen ghost at the heart of a spectral corporate empire.
The name refers to magic spells and spectral apparitions.
These difference in the amount spectral blocked from leaving have been taken into account.
The present volume was forced on the poet by these spectral beings.
Color is simpy the product of the spectral irradiance of the object and the spectral sensitivity of our eye.
It's a spectral disorder, meaning that there are many more parts of autism being researched.
Comparisons of finite element and spectral methods of solving various types of mechanical equations is good.

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