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Surrounded by lesser figures, the striking specter nearly eight feet tall shimmers on the canyon wall under the relentless sun.
In fact, in long term this may raise the specter of knowledge squeeze.
There rises the specter of the tyranny of the majority, after the majority trades silence for tweets and blogs.
The specter of a highly contagious and deadly influenza is alarming indeed.
Their goals may be minimal and discrete, but in voicing them, they raise the specter of a more fundamental change in power.
She raised the specter of towing, fines, and arrest before disappearing down the street.
If there is a nefarious necessity in this whole debate, it is perhaps the specter of regulation.
But the specter of commerce-in-the-parks would not soon go away.
To put information in the public specter and then remove it is another statement of how bad it is getting.
Cities may well confront a triple specter of climate change, scarcity of energy and resources, and broken supply lines.
We will walk without the specter of hypocrisy to haunt our footfalls.
Vision is a sense that detects radiation in the visible specter.
Many animals are capable of seeing light outside of our visible specter.
The specter of drug-resistant bacterial infection hung over the pathology lab.
He's not the only specter from a dearly departed show.
Lost will be the romantic specter of solitary astronomers toiling nights on frigid mountain tops, but much will be gained as well.
Whether he be actor or specter, to touch him would be sacrilege.
The crisis did, admittedly, raise the specter of a freeze of the global financial system.
Nor was this the only nervous establishment that found him a specter difficult to exorcise.
Public and political attention is focused on the debt crisis and the specter of austerity-led recession.
We have seen that the specter of terrorism is enough to cast stable democracies into turmoil.
For the time being, the specter of cancer still hangs over telomerase research.
As astronomers learned more about celestial objects, the specter of supernatural influence naturally began to fade.
To some the idea raises the unpalatable specter of genetic determinism.
When they look up from their sediment or ice cores, they are haunted by the specter of the chicken and the egg.
It also raised the specter--however distant--of human cloning.

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