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The ubiquity of digital spectacles and curiosities today is one reason performance art has had its thunder stolen.
The problem with growing these giants is they are spectacles.
Under an electron microscope, bugs balloon into terrifying yet beautiful spectacles.
Under an electron microscope, however, they balloon into terrifying yet beautiful spectacles.
Smart phones and spectacles can add to what your eyes see.
Traditionally used for wrapping gifts or taping broken spectacles back together, it has another amazing talent.
These were spectacles of discrete yet interdependent parts.
They can also make worthwhile savings on books, do-it-yourself items and even spectacles.
Few spectacles in nature are more riveting than a sea lion feasting on a jumbo salmon.
For many, especially in developing countries, spectacles are an out-of-reach luxury.
Good auctions are theatrical spectacles that create the illusion of deep markets.
But as the spectacles get grander, the player's interaction with them lessens.
At the same time that people do vile things, they also create hilariously funny spectacles.
They must learn to rely on other cues such as gait, spectacles and manner of dress.
Everyone please join the comments and discuss these creepy spectacles of failed masculinity.
In high-profile cases, these two factors collide and turn ordinary prisoner transports into media spectacles.
Christians banned the spectacles, and in later centuries presented church dramas here.
We revel at the ways it transforms our world into glorious spectacles.
Among a people who are fond of spectacles the attention is more lively than is commonly believed.
Another is spectacles: some retailers can now deliver individually tailored lenses within an hour.
These doubts are rarely shared by policy-makers and the population, who are typically quite enthusiastic about such spectacles.
Wearing thick spectacles that keep sliding down his nose, he doesn't fit the image of a would-be rebel leader.
Even with this covering, his eyes squinted behind his oval spectacles.
He attended every meeting and, by his personal tactics, managed to transform them into courtroom spectacles.
Between skull cap and mask, his head sprouts a startling pair of binocular spectacles.
Enrolled patients will be prescribed spectacles, which will be paid for by the study.

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What a pair of spectacles is here!... more
It is this admirable and immortal instinct for beauty which causes us to regard the earth and its spectaclesmore
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