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They had bright red borders and sometimes speckled centers on either a white or green ground.
Thanks to you and speckled hen for pointing out my malfunctioning understanding.
Their experiences will be as uncaused as the existence of the block whose speckled nature gives rise to those experiences.
Her blue denim shirt and khaki pants were stained with red and yellow blotches, and her long hair was also speckled with paint.
Some areas were speckled with craters, but large regions looked inexplicably flat and smooth.
The leader of the pod catches the telltale speckled light of armored squid, moving in an immense shoal a thousand strong.
First they affix a small, speckled latex bubble to the tip of an endoscope.
The middle layer of speckled green represents several layers of photoreceptors, which developed in response to the transplant.
They're notably larger and are generally speckled with a deep reddish pattern.
Ash gives the yogurt a smoky and slightly astringent taste, as well as a speckled gray color.
Her fingers were short and arthritic, speckled with sunspots, swollen at the joints.
Pressed sushi is covered with a thin speckled film of kombu, edible kelp: it looks as if lacquer had been applied over the rice.
Or maybe a giant bowl of spaghetti speckled with chunks of tomatoes and herring.
Of course, you'll still need that dot-speckled smart paper to perform this magic trick.
The insects are displayed against a speckled background on a touchscreen monitor, which the birds peck away at.
She could climb a tree to rob the nests of the feathered songsters of their speckled spoils.
The cortex was speckled with crusty brown clumps-plaques-too many to count.
The canvas was speckled with tiny bullet holes, and both air chambers were punctured.
There are speckled feathers where the owl has made his dinner.
The smothered cabbage, speckled with nuggets of garlicky sausage, brought high honor to the vegetable kingdom.
These belonged to an epaulette shark, small and lovely and speckled, lithe as an eel as it curled round a coral pillar.
Some satiated caterpillars then attach the empty snail shells onto their speckled casings.
In one bay it speckled the water with brown turds and spit gobs.
Beyond lies a field of fine ash speckled with glints of amber and green-the sharp broken bits of circuit boards.
Fish such as flounder almost exactly match their speckled seafloor habitats.
In mild malaria, the red blood cells appear speckled with pink.
On his lapel is a red-white-and-blue ribbon speckled with tiny spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs.
The river is rust-colored and lifeless, speckled with an array of plastic bottles and wrappers.
He wears brown from his turban to his sandals, and a long beard speckled with gray.
Speckled trout are especially plentiful in spring and summer, while redfish are more common in fall and winter.
Fish for snook, redfish and speckled trout year round.
The dumplings are tender and slightly tart from the buttermilk and speckled with bits of sliced almonds.
Servers were eager to please as they brought us soft slices of caraway seed-speckled bread with a big yellow ball of butter.

Famous quotes containing the word speckled

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Mark you the floore? that square & speckled stone, Which looks so firm and strong, Is Patience:... more
the real, the new-laid egg whose speckled shell the poet fondles and must break if he will be nourished.... more
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