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For information on how to obtain the sample, see clean catch urine specimen.
For information on collecting a urine sample, see clean catch urine specimen.
In this lesson, students practice observing and recording the details of a specimen.
The new system means that museum staff can set up the microscope on request to let taxonomists look at the specimen over the web.
There is no possibility that the new specimen was a two-headed species, he adds.
Say you had a natural history museum specimen in your hand, and you put a little tiny food fish in its mouth.
We can only place better ethical practices in specimen collection and use careful methods of procurement.
The reason why is attributable to a beautiful specimen discovered half a century ago.
The health care provider does the rectal examination and collects the specimen.
Spotting such radio pulses would be more evidence that this specimen is destined to become a millisecond pulsar.
Sometimes scientific discoveries are hidden in museum specimen drawers and old journal articles.
It's not pocket change, but for a unique specimen that's a steal for a private owner.
Good shade or specimen tree for larger gardens or parks, since it requires space for its invasive surface root system.
The cells of the specimen are stained with dyes and then examined under the microscope.
Something is fungible when any one single specimen is indistinguishable from any other.
Finding preserved soft tissue is unheard of in a dinosaur-age specimen.
On the net is a plastic funnel, attached to a specimen cup, and a float.
White trunk and branches and open crown make it a good specimen tree.
The better specimen had a small, short skull at the end of a ridiculously long neck consisting of thirty five vertebrae.
These specimen books nourish and replenish, inform and delight.
The samples were distinct, indicating that they were dealing with an authentic specimen.
His only physical evidence was the beak, collected from the remains of a stranded specimen that had recently washed ashore.
Japonicas make attractive specimen plants and espaliers.
That's because the quest for a name begins with a specimen, and a specimen is made of atoms, not bits.
The blue ocean slug, a type of nudibranch, is a striking specimen with extraordinary hues that provide two types of camouflage.
Therefore, extinction is defined retrospectively, only after a period has elapsed without observing a living specimen.
In this particular specimen that process is missing a piece of bone measuring about an inch and a half square.
Because of its extravagant plumes it stands out too much as a single specimen or dotted here and there.
Scientists declared it a new species when the specimen was rediscovered last year.
As it says in the story, the damage done by low-energy impacts more closely resembled the damage in the specimen.
They went through archives and specimen collections.
And with a big, beautiful specimen aloe, that's a heartbreak.
As the robot looked at subsequent rocks, its confidence ratings improved with each specimen.
It's possible, but that specimen has been heavily reconstructed.
As vinyl verges on extinction, one album has emerged as the prime specimen of the species.
Second, preparators need to remove all water and fat from the specimen.
His letter of resignation is a touching the dignified specimen of composition.
He took this photograph showing the flower lips of a wild specimen.
Then catch a slippery specimen for your desktop and send a froggy e-greeting to a friend.
Oddly, the world has yet to see the first cloned stuffed animal-a taxidermy specimen sampled to make a spanking new creature.
Please dig more deeply into this subject with more historically accurate and precious specimen.
The specimen consists of a mostly complete skull with a bony crest on its forehead, and a partial skeleton.
So this article doesn't say what characteristics of the specimen identify it as a eutherian and why.
Adding a brand of eyedrops to a urine specimen camouflages any trace of marijuana.
Once you have obtained a decent specimen of stone, the rest is easy.
The new fossil specimen is an almost fully grown adult.
But more differences imply that a new specimen may belong to a new category altogether.
One of the new fish, the collared carpet shark, is so rare that the only known specimen was found in the belly of another shark.
One shell-trade story held that a wealthy collector who already owned a specimen.
With a scanning electron microscope you are photographing the surface of a subject or a specimen-in my case, food.
He returns with a scrawny specimen that prompts his cohorts to mock him as a blockhead.
In several portions of the specimen two or three generations of cells are seen enclosed in a parent cell wall.
Before this specimen came to light, paleoanthropologists had much less to look at to study the origin of the human hand.
It has been dismissed as a ghastly specimen of sentimental kitsch.
Start with a live, preferably feisty, specimen no matter which method you choose.
It is difficult to piece together even a single specimen, let alone a scene.
Until recently, the crow-size specimen was housed in a private collection.
The new squid could be an adult member of the species but researchers can't say for certain until they have caught a specimen.
The nearly intact specimen enabled the researchers to determine that it grew in watery environments.

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