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The piece can then be installed in any size or space as long as the specified colors and proportions are respected.
Add specified liquid and other seasonings, cover, and bring to a boil over high heat.
Any other incidental expenses on prize not specified herein are the sole responsibility of each winner.
Only digital photographs related to our specified monthly theme will be accepted.
Tests received after the specified deadline will not be graded.
Any positions specified on contracts or orders, except covers, shall be considered requests only and not conditions of purchase.
The wilderness is zealously guarded, so much so that motorists are restricted from all but a few specified areas.
Further, the monies must be spent as specified in the budget form.
Turn the compost tumbler's hand crank one rotation each day, or the number of rotations specified by the manufacturer.
If no motions are specified, the previous question applies only to the immediately pending question.
The object of the suspension must be specified, and nothing else can be done under the suspension.
They have confederated together for certain specified objects.
Nor must it be forgotten that he expressly specified elective aristocracy.
Being clearly qualified to teach at a two-year college means that you meet the specified degree and credit-hour requirements.
These and other benefits will be specified in the offer of employment.
Two-thirds of import rates were specified in dollars rather than as percentages.
The outgoing government has not specified how much or what type of aid it has requested.
In the euro zone, each country is responsible for its own finances, within specified limits on deficits and debt.
Patents, after all, are government-endorsed monopolies for a given technology for a specified period.
In the old days, governments built the plants themselves or granted utilities a specified rate of return.
And if they were seen as credible, pre-specified losses would hike the costs of bank financing.
The firm says subcontractors have to comply with safety and quality standards specified for each toy.
Instead, have your employees strive to meet a specified target within a specified period, and reward those who meet it.
Manage multiple accounts, view photos in landscape mode, and mute users for specified periods.
All it can do is roll around on a tabletop, turn and head off in a specified direction.
The application allowed him to command his phone to ignore any number he specified.
Your first goal is to make all the hills happy within the specified number of bombs.
Further, the information was stored in two long chains, each of which specified the contents of its partner.
But he never specified what materials should be used to build it.
Scientists on the dole are pressured to produce the benefactor specified line.
Any packets not confirmed to originate as specified would then be dropped.
Once the dust reaches a specified level, the system reacts and produces a charge, with electricity generated by the panel.
If the crown was made partly of an alloying metal of lower density than gold then it would displace more water as specified.
The anaesthetic drugs specified are going out of fashion and there fore becoming in short supply.
No form of matter has been identified that meets the requirements specified for dark matter.
The problem has been specified: fertilizers have negative externalities by polluting water bodies.
In singing, the fundamental frequency determines the pitch, which is specified by the composer or performer.
Now you've specified that you are talking about an individual's objectives.
Please remember that not every one who objects to a specified behavior engages in that behavior.
Each student fully believed that they were freely deciding to scratch, or raising their hand with a specified answer.
Specific airlines and dates per airport not specified.
Riders can take their horses onto any path that allows vehicular traffic, as well as on a few specified trails.
However, you cannot legally hunt all animals at the refuge and must only pursue game in specified areas of the refuge.
Exactly how much faster the program will be wasn't specified.
Enter the flight number into the specified blank on either of the websites.
All tickets must be used only for travel between the two specified stations and no further.
Dumping stations are available on all lakes but may be restricted to specified camp areas only.
In affected vehicles, a full-sized spare tire specified for certain export markets may have been mistakenly installed.
Guests can opt to dine at specified local restaurants while in port as part of their cruise experience.
Roofing materials can also be specified if a community wants a high standard of construction.
At the rates of tax specified in the law it is forty-one billions.
Sequential processes have to be explicitly specified.
Some of these messages called for protests, and others specified where to meet.
The problems with heat and limited slip you specified can be designed around.
To discuss the consistency of a theory, the theory has to be precisely and axiomatically specified.
Digital computer programs by definition consist of sets of purely formal operations on formally specified symbols.
The energy can be doled out only at a specified rate.
Now suppose you start with a universe specified by some wave function that completely specifies it.
It turns out that such a vector can couple to ordinary electromagnetism, but only in certain specified ways.
By doing so he specified his position and momentum more accurately than is allowed by law.
The space of these labels has a topology, specified by saying which labels are nearest neighbors of which other ones.
Another related problem is how to decide if some piece of matter contains a certain specified organism.
Neither have you specified what evidence you would consider to be convincing.
How exactly this was supposed to be achieved was never specified, though in practice it involved self-regulation.
The date was not specified, but there was no reason to doubt that escalations were being planned.
Daut walked across a meadow and into the village to run an errand never specified.
Providers often require that patients lose a specified amount of weight by staying on a medically enforced diet plan.
Branded tea must also be made with a certain type of leaf, using specified technology.
Importers will require licenses and can only bring in the goods through specified ports.

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