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And, after all, no market demand in the world takes the form of exact technical specification of the article required.
Consult the specification sheet for the solar panels.
Libraries, the cathedrals of learning necessary for any university, are not up to specification.
These devices need a slightly different specification from domestic ones, adapted to cope with a harsh outdoor environment.
Others are expected to follow or adjust the specification of their products to try to recover higher costs.
The result is, however, highly sensitive to the exact specification of the model used to control for other factors.
When cars can be built to a customer's specification, dealers need to take a different approach to selling.
To succeed, it will need to produce some desirable, high-specification handsets.
The genetic mechanism underlying the specification of one muscle type versus the other was unclear, however.
The data are exceptionally detailed and considerably better than the mission's specification.
Answer: it was the peak power specification of the system.
But these human universals are the basis for further understanding, clarification, and specification.
But since there is no clear goal, the specification cannot be fixed.
Note that, since our specification includes subject fixed effects, this difference cannot be due to differential selectivity.
Another likely outcome is that the design will underperform the original specification and it might badly underperform.
And when the final product leaves campus you expect them to be educated exactly to the product specification you require.
Ethics requires a specification of the definition of the good.
The allure of bigger ratios has prompted manufacturers to bake this specification into a full-fledged nonsense soufflé.
Libraries, the cathedrals of learning necessary for any university, are not up to specification.
The government has illumination standards, but they are performance standards, not specification standards.
Single point of failure is not acceptable for western specification but there is some provisions to cope with them.
All three groups have said they want to work together to develop a single specification for online banking and commerce.

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