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It helps to look at culture instead of at specific countries.
The process of moving from the specific to the general is both necessary and perilous.
The flutes answer with a supple ascending line, requesting that the horns be more specific.
As your vocabulary becomes more specific, more useful, it also becomes less inclusive.
Actually, no-the hierarchy is more specific than that.
Their songs return again and again to a specific brand of immobility-the unchanging face that conceals a roiling heart.
The specific needs of all these groups do not necessarily coincide.
And in return for access they insist that journalists agree to all sorts of specific preconditions.
Egg-donor recipients often have comically specific requests for the donor.
But, economically speaking, the source of the anxiety is something much more specific: high prices at the gas pump.
Everyone was convinced that personality, and especially gender-specific behavior, was determined by rearing.
Literature may move on the generalized linguistic plane or may be inseparable from specific linguistic conditions.
Yet certain morphological distributions are too specific in character to be so lightly dismissed.
The basic thought that guides these specific means of national recovery is not narrowly nationalistic.
The simple rise as by specific levity not into a particular virtue, but into the region of all the virtues.
Both have the specific genius of the fictionist and the common sympathies of human feeling and thought in pre-eminent degree.
These markers can be traced to relatively specific times and places as humans moved across the globe.
Sometimes it takes a true vintage piece to capture the feel of a specific film.
The real lesson of this overheard conversation was not its specific content but the fact that it could be heard at all.
His collections were so specific, so true to himself, and so visceral that they are easy to remember.
There is a plausible rationale for privatization-one that often makes sense in the short run and for specific tasks.
Obviously you have to be accurate and specific about what he's thinking and feeling.
So it is is remarkable and important that single neurons can have remarkably specific and high-level correlates.
But nothing in your statements has done anything to question the science of the specific experiment.
He's focusing on a specific gene that was previously linked to impulsive violence.
But the over-extrapolation of the rule-of-thumb may have led to models which will soon be falsified in many specific instances.
It's actually set up in a clever fashion, where people can vote up or down on specific answers.
Yes, each gene regulates the construction of a specific protein.
We think they show up at specific places at specific times of the year when they know marine mammals will be abundant, he says.
Now researchers face the challenge of identifying specific environmental triggers.
Focal seizures may be triggered by something going wrong in a specific location in the brain.
Each type of sensor detects a different electromagnetic frequency, tuning in to a specific phase of the lightning stroke.
People can actively suppress memories by dampening activity in specific parts of the brain, according to research published today.
At the tip of each branch is an active site, which grabs a specific molecule on an invading microbe or cancer cell.
Using specific wavelengths makes it possible to pinpoint, for example, the temperature of objects or certain substances.
The membrane has proteins that are constricted in a specific region.
It could also be used to monitor the levels of prescription drugs that must be kept at a specific concentration in the body.
To identify a specific tag for nerves, her team used a technique called phage display.
The antenna is designed to spot specific proteins and chemicals in the body, and alert doctors wirelessly to signs of disease.
While the specific vulnerabilities they exploited can be closed, the researchers say there is no way to block the broader threat.
If you want this model to be useful, you have to be able to understand how the behavior relates to specific brain functions.
Lately, search engines have started focusing more on providing answers to specific questions.
While these sensors are wired and individually placed, their orientation isn't exact--that is, specific muscles aren't targeted.
In one sense, the field of biometrics-identifying individuals by specific biological traits-has already emerged.
Because these quasiparticles transport energy through and out of a condensate, they reduce its specific heat.
The system can interpret specific gestures, making completely hands-free control of electronic devices a reality.
She suggests that it's important to get a more specific idea of what kinds of social cues actually affect others' behavior.
Roll over the headlines at the top of the graphic for more about specific applications.
T he idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
It is not the purpose of the amendment to include specific exceptions.
From entry-level to executive positions, you have the choice of recruitment options designed to meet your specific hiring needs.
Even a garden-variety robot can memorize specific tasks.
But done right, behavioral therapy can bring relief from specific phobias in as little as two or three sessions.
The view in the education world is that politicians have never before tried to dictate specific teaching methods to this extent.
It, too, concerns tissue-specific stem cells-but ones found in the tissues of adults.
F or centuries, the specific geographic advantages of cities tended to obscure their underlying social role.
Making the case for specific proposals was a vital part of that.
And with a range of viable parties to choose from, people tend to feel that their choice truly embodies their specific interests.
All three groups kept a journal of headache frequency and severity for one month before starting on their specific intervention.
Then a specific character is recalled, a figure through whom the poem enters unsettling, mysterious territory.
While normal readers typically use specific parts of their brains when they read, dyslexic individuals do not.
Targeting specific products won't promote public health.
He goes on to explain some specific examples of ways countries seem to be keeping more to themselves.
Specific searches usually carry higher prices than generic ones.
There are no notes to explain place-specific references.
To me situations and people are always specific, always of themselves.
We consider that the digitizing of books without the specific consent of the author is theft of our intellectual property.
The indictment rests on a number of specific instances.
Darwinians have yet to produce a theory which makes specific predictions possible.
The psychotic's statements are symbolic as well as specific.
We have working relationships on specific issues with many groups and organizations.
Animals and plants are adapted to specific climate zones, and they can survive only when they are in those zones.

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